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At LOCK & enjoy! we love Seville, a city full of entertainment. But nothing represents it quite as much as flamenco, an art form not to be missed. It is a dance that combines tradition, talent and that magical touch that makes it unique. The best flamenco shows in Seville are here. You can’t miss out!

Enjoy flamenco in Seville

Luckily, Seville has many establishments where you can see the most outstanding flamenco artists. However, visiting each and every one would be impractical, as you wouldn’t have time for anything else. So, to save yourself a few extra steps, find the best luggage storage and discover the best shows.

Tablao Los Gallos

This is one of the oldest tablaos, or flamenco club/bar, in Seville. Open since 1966, it has grown in popularity over the years. Artists such as Farruco and Naranjito de Triana, as well as many others, have performed on its stage. What’s more, if you want to enjoy authentic flamenco, this is the place to be, as commercial acts with no special characteristics are not welcome.

At Los Gallos you will find tradition in its purest form, based on three elements: guitar, voice and dance. You’ll enjoy performances that captivate you with their contagious passion. The place itself is small and you might find it a bit overwhelming, but it’s worth it. After all, rarely will you be able to enjoy such an authentic atmosphere.

Orillas de Triana

This is a cultural association dedicated to flamenco and all that surrounds this art form. To spread the word, they offer live performances from Wednesday to Saturday at 8:30 p.m. They are known for providing flexible shows, as there is no set plan. In other words, each night is unique as there is no repetition of the artists and the performances they give.

As well as the performances, the association shares the tablao with a school, the Flamenquería Sevilla. In addition to classes and workshops, it does outreach activities and research. Its goal is to study flamenco and share the results with the wider public. This has led them to put on a show that focuses on the traditional, but without neglecting new developments.

Teatro Flamenco Sevilla

Set in one of the most prominent venues in the centre of Seville, the Teatro Quintero, the venue itself is spacious and has 300 comfortable seats. Whichever one you choose, you will enjoy a clear, excellent view of the stage, which is essential. As for the shows they hold, they are known for their liveliness and excitement. For one hour, the performances you witness will leave you amazed.

Bear in mind that the tablao brings together world-class artists, who stand out for their dedication. Also, to ensure spectators don’t miss out on anything, the venue uses state-of-the-art technology, from the lighting to the acoustics. The dramatic quality of the performances will leave your hair standing on end. Undoubtedly, one of the most recommended shows in Seville.

Baraka Sala Flamenca

If you are looking for a close, intimate show, this is the best option for you. Like other venues, this establishment is in the Triana neighbourhood, but in a former wine cellar. It can hold up to 45 people and offers great views from every seat. You’ll be up close to the stage, which is important so that you don’t miss any details.

Given the type of venue, no technology is used to capture and amplify the sound. You will simply be confronted with the ability and talent of the artists, nothing more. This means both the acoustics and the atmosphere are more authentic. You’ll end up feeling like you’ve travelled back in time.

The hall offers a daily show at 7 p.m. and a second show at 9 p.m. There are only four artists: a singer, a guitarist and two dancers. This way, they remain faithful to the flamenco tradition, which is no coincidence. The goal is to keep the history of the art form alive and to respect its authenticity, as far as possible.

As such, it is an interesting option to delve into. Also, if you are looking for the best lockers in Seville, your belongings will be kept safe. So you will have no trouble enjoying a top-quality show with complete peace of mind.

The best flamenco shows in Seville

At LOCK & enjoy! we suggest you explore the city after finding a locker in Seville. You can enjoy peace of mind throughout your trip, which is a must when you’re going to a show. And when it comes to flamenco, you really mustn’t miss a single detail of the performance. Rarely will you see art so alive and with such a unique personality.

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