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At LOCK & enjoy! we reveal our keys to the Trinidad Alfonso Marathon. This is a race held in Valencia, in which runners from all over the world take part. If you’re a sports enthusiast and you love running, you can’t miss this event. Don’t miss the 2023 Valencia Marathon!

Your plan for this December: Valencia’s 43rd Trinidad Alfonso Marathon

Taking part in a marathon is a goal worth reaching. Winning it is not what’s important, but rather the goal is to finish it or beat your own previous record. This race held in Valencia is one of the most relevant on the Spanish scene. It’s an event worth visiting, especially since it happens in a place of great beauty and in a unique city. However, before you sign up, find your luggage locker where you can store your baggage in complete safety.

Marathon keys

One of the first keys we have to share from LOCK & enjoy! is that the Valencia Trinidad Alfonso Marathon is the fourth fastest in the world. The record time for finishing the race is 2:01:53, making it an important event. It’s not just elite sportspeople that participate, as it’s also open to anyone who wants to complete the circuit.

The total distance that you’ll need to run is 42.5 kilometres, along a route that follows the urban labyrinth of Valencia. The elevation gain is 76 metres, which helps runners keep a good pace. Both the starting line and the finish line are in the City of Arts and Sciences, so, you’ll set off from an iconic spot, although you’ll also pass by several others,

including the city port and the old town. Also, to ensure the safety of the participants, there are various services along the route. There are refreshment stations every few kilometres and the medical care is faultless. You’ll be able to enjoy the race with peace of mind, going at your own pace.

When is it held?

The marathon will take place on Sunday the 3rd of December, an essential piece of information if you want to sign up. There’s still time to do so, and maybe you’ll be lucky. Bear in mind that the organisation distributes a total of 33,000 bib numbers. When you sign up, you get your bib number, an official T-shirt, a runner’s goodie bag, 10 refreshments and a training plan.

They also offer a finisher’s medal, an official certificate, medical insurance, a refund for injury, a paella party and other benefits. This is how the organisation tries, as far as possible, to encourage people to participate. In fact, and make a note of this for next year, the registration price is divided into brackets. Essentially, the fewer bib numbers remaining, the more you’ll need to pay. If you want to participate, at LOCK & enjoy! we recommend signing up quickly.

Tips for taking part in the marathon

A marathon is quite demanding, even if you do it slowly. You are going to face dozens of kilometres to race, and you’ll need to be prepared. At LOCK & enjoy! we provide the following tips so that you’re not exhausted shortly after starting:

  • Train. This is part of the basic preparation that you need to think about well in advance. It’s not enough to run a little the week before, but you don’t need to have a detailed training plan either. Focus on endurance-oriented exercises, don’t put too much pressure on yourself and work your way up. In fact, the organisation itself provides plans that can be implemented over 16 weeks.
  • Diet. Besides practising, what you eat is a key factor in your performance. The best thing to do is find a balance between macronutrients and choosing foods that best suit your style.
  • Equipment. You’re going to need comfortable, durable footwear for training, and the same thing applies to clothing. That way, you won’t suffer from any serious chafing or other problems.
  • Sleep. It is essential that you sleep well in the weeks of preparation. That way, your body will recover every day and the risk of injury decreases. As the day of the marathon gets closer, reduce the intensity of your training so that you’re feeling 100%.
  • At the race. Go for a conservative, but constant pace for most of the time. Try to make this a pleasant pace that you can maintain without issue, as you’ll be running for several hours (five hours for slower runners, to give you an idea before planning your training).

Don’t miss the 2023 Valencia Marathon

There’s nothing quite like a marathon to overcome your limitations. And remember that at LOCK & enjoy! we offer lockers in Valencia that you can use to store your baggage. If you are thinking “I need a locker near me”, we are always there to lend a hand. So, stop worrying and focus on the race that you’re going to take part in.

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