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Here at LOCK & enjoy!, we love a good musical, so we are going to show you how to discover the best musicals in Madrid in a short time. This is why we urge you to keep on reading this post, since we’ve put together a list of the best musicals in Madrid out of the vast selection on offer. When it comes to storing your luggage, don’t worry: here at LOCK & enjoy!, we have lockers in Madrid where you can leave your bags.

Discover the best musicals in Madrid

Madrid is home to a vast and diverse range of musicals. That being said, there are a few that deserve a special mention. The reason for this is that they have gained both national and international renown. As for your bags, there’s no need to worry about where to store your luggage in Madrid while you’re at the theatre. At LOCK & enjoy! we offer a wide range of lockers of different sizes for all kinds of budgets.

Legally Blonde

Remember this film? Well, the musical is now in Madrid. It’s a show filled with glamour, music, and dance. The story revolves around a blonde girl who, at first, seems superficial and obsessed with fashion. Despite this, however, she embarks on a journey to prove her worth at Harvard Law School. Without a doubt, this musical is bursting with creativity and spectacular choreography.

Information of interest:

  • Ticket prices vary, with the cheapest being €29.
  • You can watch this musical at Teatro La Latina.
  • It has a total duration of 2.5 hours.

School of Rock

School of Rock is also an adaptation of the film of the same name. The story follows the character Dewey Finn, whose attempts to become a rockstar always go wrong. As a result, he ends up becoming a fake substitute teacher at a very prestigious school. The film was a huge hit, and we’re certain the same holds true for the musical. It was a tremendous success on Broadway, as more than five million people went to see it. It’s a great opportunity to go with your little ones.

Keep in mind:

  • This musical is on until 10 December at Espacio Ibercaja Delicias.
  • The cheapest tickets cost €20.80.

Bailo Bailo

If you’re a Raffaella Carrà fan, you should go to Madrid to see this musical specifically created for one of the greatest divas in music. This show is based on the film Explota, explota, bringing together the whole universe of this famous singer whose music we’ve all danced to so many times. The musical is packed with dance and music from the very first second. The story, inspired by the life of Raffaella Carrà, revolves around Maria, a young dancer who longs to be free.


  • This musical is showing at Teatro Capitol, on Madrid’s bustling Gran Vía.
  • You can get your tickets through the show’s website, though prices tend to vary a lot depending on the dates.

The Lion King

The Lion King is one of the greatest theatre shows playing in Madrid. To date, a total of 110 million people from all over the world have had the chance to see this masterpiece.

Are you ready to embark on a musical journey through different scenes of the African savannah? The show was conceived by true musical talents such as Elton John and Tim Rice. We’re certain that you’ll love the artistic fusion of African, Western, and Asian elements. You can see this spectacular show at Teatro Lope de Vega.


Who could forget the film Matilda? Well, Matilda’s back, but this time she has her own musical. Although it only recently came to Spain, it has actually been running in London for 12 years. The show involves a total of 82 performers, as well as 16 musicians. All the excitement, emotions, and humour are sure to blow you away.

You can see this musical at Nuevo Teatro Alcalá.


The musical Aladdin is all the rage at the moment for its spectacular staging. As a result, has been one of the most popular shows since it started. The costumes are one of the most outstanding aspects of this musical, since more than two million Swarovski crystals were used to make them. We’re sure that you’ll have a wonderful time delving into the wonderful world of Aladdin once again.

Ready to relive this story a different way? You can see the show at Teatro Coliseum.

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Wrapping up, we’re certain that you’ll love these 6 musicals for their staging, music, and characters. Don’t forget to book with LOCK & enjoy! to store your luggage in Madrid with the best safety guarantees.

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