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At LOCK & enjoy!, we have become leaders in the smart locker market. This has been possible thanks to our daily efforts and the thousands of customers who have placed their trust in us day after day.

On our website, you can book lockers in various locations by city, and if you do so in advance, you have the chance to obtain discounts.

Where is LOCK & enjoy! present?

Our adventure began in 2019, specifically in Seville, our homeland, and we have progressively expanded since then. Our latest opening was in Paris, however, we have medium and long-term plans to conquer Barcelona, Oviedo, or Granada, to name a few examples. We recommend that you keep an eye on the updates we continuously publish on our website.

Below, we explain the cities where we are present, along with a brief guide to each one.


In Seville, we have a total of 5 locations. The reason is that the capital of Seville was the third most visited Spanish city in 2022 and is also the city we know best due to our origins.

Choose any of our locations:

  • In the Arenal district, specifically at Zaragoza Street, 34. It is one of our reference locations, as it is right in the centre of Seville. Leave your belongings here and enjoy the numerous bars and restaurants in the area.
  • In Plaza del Duque, we have another space, precisely on Teniente Borges Street, 9. It is a key location, as the bus station is right next door. Take advantage of our lockers to go shopping at the nearby El Corte Inglés!
  • In the Alfalfa district, we are also present (Águilas Street, 27). This is another area with bars, cocktail bars, and wine bars; hence it is one of our most important locations.
  • Near the famous Santa Justa Station (Avenida de Pablo Iglesias, 7), LOCK & enjoy! also has another location where you can leave your bags once you arrive in the city by train. The choice was no coincidence, as it is the third busiest railway station in Spain.
  • In Alameda, we have also established a strong presence, specifically on Feria Street, 95. This area is key for us, as it has a lively nightlife. Remember, we open 24 hours a day!


In the capital, we have 2 lugagge lockers, as it is one of the most visited European capitals in the world according to the latest data.

You can find us at Puerta de Atocha, precisely on Fúcar Street, 23. The location is key if you are arriving by train, as you will reach our facility in just 10 minutes. We could not miss being present in Malasaña (Palma Street, 8), one of the most popular districts due to its historic character. Enjoy the bars and restaurants that flood the streets of this neighbourhood!


This city is also one of our favourites, and therefore, our presence was mandatory.

You have 2 locations to choose from depending on your direction:

  • Near the town hall, you can find LOCK & enjoy!, on Músico Peydró Street, 54. The city hall is the epicentre, as from here you can explore the most historical and touristic part.
  • On Dénia Street, 62, you can also find us, in the famous Ruzafa district. We invite you to leave your belongings at this location so that you can enjoy one of the liveliest leisure areas in Valencia.


In the city of light, fashion, and love, our brand is also present. The location is ideal, as it is close to the Louvre Museum; the exact address is 13 Rue Saint-Sauveur.

The museum is very large, and it is advisable to set aside a day to see the majority of the reference works. Therefore, book a locker with us and walk through the museum galleries with total comfort.


Being able to open another lugagge store in another Andalusian city was also a small pride for us.

We are located near María Zambrano train station: Héroe de Sostoa Street 12, local 9. If your train leaves in the afternoon or evening, it is the ideal place to leave your bags and continue visiting what you have left of this wonderful capital.

Remember that we also have USB chargers!

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

On the famous Las Canteras Beach, we also have another luggage storage where you can store what you need, i.e. suitcase, backpack, mobile phone, and wallet. Keep in mind that the price of our lockers varies depending on the size, however, the cost is very affordable compared to the competition.

You can find us on Fernando Guanarteme Street, 11. It is a central street, so from there you can discover the numerous treasures that the historic centre holds.

Palma de Mallorca

Just a 15-minute walk from the famous Palma Cathedral, you can find LOCK & enjoy! (Vilanova Street, 1), very close to Plaza de España.

Keep in mind that the centre of Palma is small, but the streets are steep, so free yourself from your belongings and walk with freedom and comfort. Additionally, with your secret and non-transferable code, you can enter our location as many times as you need.


This city is the 5th most visited nationally; therefore, it was one of our most important openings.

If you are visiting for a day or your transportation leaves late, store your belongings with us. We are located on Avenida del Mediterráneo 66, local 2. This avenue is one of the most central and bustling in the city. The location of our luggage storage allows you to experience both the tourist and leisure sides of Benidorm.

Ready for a day of tourism with LOCK & enjoy!? Make your reservation online and enjoy a 20% discount if you do it in advance. We look forward to seeing you!

Rocío Santos

Graduated in Tourism from the University of Seville, this professional has over 15 years of experience in managing tourism events. Specializing in planning and organization, she has worked in diverse environments, creating successful experiences for clients. Her combination of education and experience makes her an expert in her field.