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The night of San Juan is fast approaching. For this reason, at LOCK & enjoy! we invite you to come to Palma de Mallorca to enjoy a magical and unique evening. What to do in San Juan in Palma de Mallorca? Keep reading!

During this festival, it’s important to be comfortable and relaxed, so count on us to safeguard your backpack or belongings in one of our automated lockers, near the center of Palma.

What is the origin of the Festival of San Juan?

The Festival of San Juan is celebrated not only in Palma but also in other cities like Barcelona or Alicante, where it is part of the major local festivities. However, the origin is common to all.

The festival is named after John the Apostle, one of the most prominent disciples of Jesus of Nazareth. This is why it is celebrated on June 24th, the day commemorating his birth. Thus, it is a Christian holiday with pagan origins, as this religion adopted parts of the rite. Pagan customs included lighting bonfires to celebrate the arrival of the summer solstice.

What celebrations take place?

The ceremonies and rituals vary greatly from one area to another, but we’ve prepared a small guide to help you choose your favourite. Although the official holiday is June 24th, it is always celebrated on the night of the 23rd. This festival is quite significant, as some cities even declare it a non-working day.

Firstly, the bonfire is essential, as fire symbolizes protection and purification. This element gains greater symbolism in coastal areas. Small bonfires are prepared and people jump over them. For example, in Alicante, you must jump over a bonfire 7 times to ensure a year of protection, a number that increases to 9 in Galicia.

Many people mark this date on their calendar to enjoy their first summer swim. There are ancient beliefs that claim the water possesses miraculous and healing properties on this night. Some beaches in Palma also have the tradition of jumping over waves, but backwards.

Then, making a wish is another key moment of the night. For instance, by writing them on paper or while jumping over the bonfire.

Lastly, the burning of objects to rid oneself of them, especially those with special significance.

Celebrations in Palma


You can enjoy the Nit de Foc (as it’s called on the island) on any of the beaches and coves of Mallorca. However, we recommend arriving early, as they start filling up from early afternoon. Keep in mind that if you prefer quieter areas, the Night of San Juan is celebrated in most of the island’s municipalities.

Can you imagine dancing near the sea on the most magical night of the year? It’s hours of utmost fun, so we recommend you leave your most valuable belongings with us. Book one of our lockers in Palma; you can enter and exit our LOCK & enjoy! location whenever you wish.

Parc de la Mar

Furthermore, at LOCK & enjoy! we advise you to check out the official program of activities organized by the city council. For us, it’s a true spectacle worth seeing at least once in a lifetime. Let us tell you a bit more.

Near Palma Cathedral, right in Parc de la Mar, workshops and activities for children are prepared early in the afternoon. These include demonstrations of traditional dances. As night falls, a festival takes place where dance and music are the main protagonists. At 22:00, a small proclamation is read, signalling the start of the festivities.

The highlight begins at 23:00 with the correfocs. This popular spectacle involves a group of volunteers dressed as demons or devils. They are quite entertaining as they interact with people while parading through the city streets, dancing and jumping. Don’t worry, it’s not dangerous. Additionally, two fire beasts, the Sant Jordi dragons and the Drac de Na Coca, linked to the city’s traditions and legends, also parade.

And finally, the celebration ends with a big batucada to send off the night and encourage the party to go on the beaches.

At the main city beach, La Palma, the authorities also organize festivals and live music concerts. From midnight, an impressive fireworks show is a must-see.

Fundación Pilar i Joan Miró

This foundation is a benchmark in the city. It is a very important cultural institution both nationally and internationally. It was created by the famous painter Joan Miró and his wife Pilar. Inside, there is a significant collection totalling 6,000 works (sculptures, drawings, documents, etc.).

To celebrate the painter’s namesake day (June 24th), every year this cultural centre opens its doors for free to all those who wish to explore the painter’s works. It is aimed at all audiences, but there are plenty of workshops and activities for children:

  • Creation of self-portraits.
  • Photography contest.
  • Freehand drawing activities.

We recommend that you frequently visit the website, as this year’s official program will be published soon. Do not hesitate and bring your children to enjoy this day in a different way.

Experience Palma de Mallorca on one of the most special nights of the year! It’s important that you reserve your locker with us, LOCK & enjoy!, in advance, as the influx of tourists has only just begun. Come to Palma and get to know us!

Rocío Santos

Graduated in Tourism from the University of Seville, this professional has over 15 years of experience in managing tourism events. Specializing in planning and organization, she has worked in diverse environments, creating successful experiences for clients. Her combination of education and experience makes her an expert in her field.