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Madrid, the lively capital of Spain, is known for its bustling plazas and its streets steeped in history. It also stands out for the fact that you can easily travel around it in a day. However, when New Year approaches, it transforms into a haven for the festivities, discover the best ideas at New Year Eve in Madrid with LOCK & enjoy!, the locker and storage service in Madrid, you can drop off your bags and explore the city with full freedom to discover everything it can offer.

The best ideas at New Year Eve in Madrid

In Madrid, there are lots of options for enjoying the last night of the year to the full. Below, we suggest a route full of colour, magic and, of course, the most unshakable traditions so that you can bring in 2024 with a burst of joy.

Markets and city lights

Madrid is well-known for its Christmas markets, each of which has a unique personality. After leaving your suitcases at LOCK & enjoy!, you can start your shopping day at the city centre’s iconic markets, such as the market in the Plaza Mayor, the Matadero Madrid market or the Crafts Fair, all while experiencing the enchanting sparkling lights that decorate the city.

Must-see nativity scenes

There are hundreds of nativity scenes at various points of the city. However, the Plaza Mayor nativity scene is a must-visit. The lively characters and the seasonal recreation of Jesus of Nazareth make this nativity scene an exciting spectacle.

Eat 12 grapes at the Puerta del Sol

The traditional way to bring in the new year in Spain is to eat twelve grapes on the twelve chimes of the clock at the Puerta del Sol. This event is a lot of fun, and it is also a fabulous option if you are looking for a free activity in Madrid.

Hot chocolate and churros at San Ginés

A Madrid classic. After the chimes, you can enjoy a delicious hot chocolate with the famous San Ginés churros. A sweet treat to round off the year and stretch out the party until the early hours of the morning.

New Year’s Eve activities for children in Madrid

If you decide to spend this special night with your little ones, there are several options for you:

  • Visit the Madrid Amusement Park, which can be found in the Batán area of Casa de Campo. You’ll find all sorts of attractions there and, ever since 2012, it has shows and decorations specifically for the Christmas season. Nearby, you can also find LOCK & enjoy! to store your luggage in Madrid and enjoy the attractions in comfort.
  • The Casa de Campo Zoo is a fantastic choice. It is one of the most important zoos in Spain and a great option for children.
  • The Planetarium is also a very appealing option. They have special sessions for children that will make their imaginations soar.

Your New Year in Madrid begins with LOCK & enjoy!

As you can see, the city has a lot to offer, but leaving your suitcases in Madrid will no longer be an issue. With the LOCK & enjoy! Madrid locker service, you can travel around the city without carrying anything heavy on your back. That way, you can enjoy the activities to bring in the new year in this incredible city even more. Culture, partying, tradition… and a lot of fun await at your New Year in Madrid!

Manuel Rodrigues

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