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At LOCK & enjoy! we want to come along with you at Christmas so you can go on your travels and excursions with peace of mind and full assurance that your bags and belongings are in good hands. With us, worrying about where to store your luggage won’t be an issue. It is time for travel with help from LOCK & enjoy!

Travel this Christmas with LOCK & enjoy!

LOCK & enjoy! is a well-known luggage storage chain. Christmas is a season for travels, getaways and meet-ups. That’s why we want to explain the benefits of having a luggage locker so you don’t need to worry about anything on your trip or excursion.

The largest lockers

We have the largest luggage lockers on the market. So, the size of your suitcase won’t be an issue. These are the types of lockers we have for you:

  • S+. This is the standard locker, the perfect option for storing your cabin bag or small backpack. It costs €7.90 per day.
  • M+-. This is perfect when you have a suitcase and a backpack or a suitcase and two backpacks. Just from €11.90 per day.
  • XL. This type of locker is best when you’re travelling with others, as it can store up to four standard suitcases. However, it can also store an extra-large suitcase and backpack. Price: from €15.90 per day.

As you can see, our prices are very affordable. This way, you can go on your trip or getaway without worrying about anything.

Services included

When you book your luggage locker with us, there are several services included, which we would like you to know about in more detail:

  • At all of our locker premises, we have continual video surveillance so your luggage is always safe. With us, security is more than guaranteed.
  • You can drop off or pick up your bags whenever you want, as we are open 24 hours a day. You don’t need to worry about what time your train, plane or bus departs. Pick up your bags at any time of the day and any day of the year!
  • At our lockers there is internet service included in your booking. There is Wi-Fi throughout the premises so you can use the network for as long as you need. We also have a USB charger so you can charge up your devices and have the battery at 100% when you pick up your belongings.
  • The lockers do not have keys, which is one of our security hallmarks. When you make your booking, we provide a code so you can access the premises to drop off your baggage or pick it up.


Speed is one of our defining features at LOCK & enjoy! You won’t need to wait in a queue. In just a few minutes, your bags will be securely stored away.

Your locker booking can be made directly through our website, without you needing to go anywhere. Once you have completed the booking, you will receive an access code that will allow you to open the locker as often as you need to during your stay.

Take advantage of the deals and discounts

Christmas is a season with lots of expenses. That’s why, at LOCK & enjoy!, we have a series of deals and discounts that you can take advantage of this season.

First of all, we apply various discounts for long bookings, i.e. two days or longer:

  • 2 days: 20% off.
  • 3 – 6 days: 25% off.
  • 7 – 20 days: 30% off.
  • + de 21 days: 35% off.

The discount is automatically applied when you complete the booking. In other words, when you’re going to pay. It is very important that you don’t get the dates wrong to make sure the discounts are right.

Secondly, with us, bookings that are made in advance also come with a deal. If you book a locker with us 7 days or more in advance, you can enjoy 20% off. We recommend you plan your trip early enough to get this discount.

And finally, if you are travelling in a group, you’re also in luck. If you book 7 or more lockers with us, a 20% discount will be applied to the total sum.

It is time for travel with help from LOCK & enjoy!

To conclude, at LOCK & enjoy! we want to come along with you at Christmas to keep your baggage safe. We also want you to enjoy seeing your loved ones and discovering the city, without needing to worry about anything. Book with us to get the deals and discounts we have available.

Manuel Rodrigues

General Manager & Co-Founder of LOCK & enjoy!, he has over 15 years of experience in leading teams and commercial projects in various multinational companies. With a traveler spirit and proven skills in human management, he is the ideal candidate to drive business development. His creative vision brings an innovative approach to the brand identity of any project.