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Lock and Enjoy

LOCK & enjoy! – the investment opportunity you’ve been waiting for


Are you considering setting up a stable business? Covid-19 has taught us much about lots of different areas of our lives and has also brought about many changes to the world of work. LOCK & enjoy! is a Seville-based start up that has been a winner since it was founded after the pandemic. If you want to be part of the revolution too, join the LOCK & enjoy! family.

Are you considering setting up a stable business? Discover 7 reasons to open a LOCK & enjoy! franchise

1. Market space

This business had already existed in major European capitals for years, however, it is not widespread in Spain. For this reason, it’s a good investment opportunity.

The equivalent here was the typical luggage storage lockers at train or bus stations. Most disappeared after the pandemic and weren’t offering any type of guarantee, so they weren’t a very reliable option for leaving your belongings.

Our smart lockers also offer many additional benefits. For example, they are equipped with charging points for mobile devices and offer unlimited access 24/7 and 365 days of the year.

2. The upsurge in tourism

Investing in tourism means investing in a safe business. The growth of tourism in Spain and worldwide has exploded since the pandemic, Opening a LOCK & enjoy! means backing a winner, even in smaller cities.

Check-out time in hotels and accommodation is in the morning. However, tourists choose flights late in the day to get the most out of their holidays. Having access to a locker where they can keep their luggage allows them to enjoy the rest of the day without carrying around their luggage.

Tourist accommodation is not always in the city centre or near stations or airports. That is a fundamental consideration when it comes to the location of our luggage storage. That’s how we make sure our customers don’t waste time travelling to get their bags from our lockers.

3. Technology is an indispensable ally

Using technology, we have developed a smart locker model that works via an app. You don’t need to be on the spot to manage your bookings and you won’t have to hire anyone. You can keep track of what’s going on at any time using our security cameras and our software.

Without a doubt, all this makes for significant savings in business costs and translates to more benefits and independence for you. Travellers will book on the app and soon after, they’ll receive an email with a six-digit code to access their locker. Easy, isn’t it?

4. Success guaranteed

The favourable trajectory of luggage storage in other European cities vouches for the profitability of this business. In addition, since LOCK & enjoy! opened its first locker in Spain, we haven’t stopped growing, both in our own establishments and our franchises.

You’ll also benefit from our brand prestige. Our experience means you’ll receive guidance and you’ll have access to our most sophisticated technology.

5. Multiple locations

Often, people have to relocate to find interesting employment opportunities. With a LOCK & enjoy! franchise, you’ll create your own opportunity. Forget about moving, if there is tourism where you live, this opportunity is for you.

We already have lockers in Seville, Madrid and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and soon in Valencia, Palma de Mallorca, Oviedo and Malaga. There is the possibility of opening more in these cities, but we still have many other options: Barcelona, Bilbao, Santiago de Compostela, Alicante or Ibiza are waiting for you!

6. Be your own boss

Opening a franchise with LOCK & enjoy! gives you all the benefits of being your own boss without the need to worry about the hardest aspects of business ownership.

You won’t have to create a brand, establish yourself on social media, create SEO optimised content for the internet, etc. You won’t have to deal with providers and think about how to get the business running. We’ll provide you with everything you need to focus on the process of launching.

Ultimately, the initial investment cost is much lower than starting a business from scratch.

7. Stability

The world is becoming increasingly global and cities are trying to draw in tourists throughout the year. This means that you’ll have a flow of customers throughout the year.

We know that it’s hard to save money so it’s important to make an investment in a project that is going to deliver benefits. Opening a LOCK & enjoy! franchise offers many of those guarantees. As a result, the locker will become a stable source of income for you.

In conclusion, if you are thinking on expanding your professional opportunities or want to invest in a successful and stable business, this is your opportunity. Get in contact with us and we’ll advise you on how to open your own LOCK & enjoy!

Things to see in the Alameda de Hércules

Wine at Alameda de Hércules

Seville is a city full of interesting, beautiful spots such as the Alameda de Hércules. In fact, there lots of things to see in the Alameda de Hércules. If you’re visiting the capital of Andalusia, you simply can’t miss this area brimming in history, art and culture. LOCK & enjoy! is a locker service in Seville that you can trust, and we’re going to give you the lowdown on this area and its must-see sights. Shall we begin?

The Alameda de Hércules: origins and name

Today, the Alameda de Hércules is one of the epicentres of the city of Seville. However, this hasn’t always been the case. It dates from all the way back in 1574, when the garden was created in what had been the bed of the river Guadalquivir. Over 400 years of history make this the oldest public garden in Europe. No time at all!

This great masterpiece, that was to become the Sevillian aristocracy’s favourite spot to take a stroll, was built by the  Count of Barajas. It is no surprise that other cities around the world wanted to replicate its grandeur. It inspired, for instance,  the Alameda Central in Mexico City and the Alameda de los Descalzos in Lima.

And the name? It owes its name to the columns that stand sentinel at the southern entrance. Or, to be more precise, to one of the statues that stands atop one of these architectural features. This is, of course, the Roman demigod Hercules. The other statue is of Julius Caesar, both works by sculptor Diego de Pesquera. In 1764, two new columns were added to the opposite entrance. On them stand two lions holding the coats of arms of Seville and Spain.

Spots and sights you must see during your visit

The Alameda de Hércules is full of life and activity. This is a favourite spot for markets, concerts, open-air festivals, exhibitions and much more. There are also all types of shops and services including LOCK & enjoy! where you can keep your luggage if you need to during your stay in the city.

These are some of the area’s treasures. Pay attention!

Casa de las Sirenas

If you’re fascinated by historic houses, you’ll be enchanted by this beautiful nineteenth century mansion. With its obvious French influence, it takes its name from the sculptures that decorated one of its entrances. Although, we’ll let you in on a secret; they weren’t really sirens, but Egyptian sphinxes. Nowadays, this handsome building is used as a civic centre.

A tribute to flamenco

One of the main charms of the Alameda is that it was here that many flamenco legends began, including Manolo Caracol and La Niña de los Peines. The cafés and patios served as the best stages in the world for the finest talents and the magic of flamenco. Leave your luggage at LOCK & enjoy! lockers in Seville and take a stroll to explore the many monuments that pay homage to the greats of the world of flamenco.

Casa de Bécquer

Did you know that one of Spain’s greatest poets was born right here on 17 February 1836? If you enjoy literature and the arts in general, you’ll be very interested to see the birthplace of Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer on Calle Conde Barajas.

Tapas bars

The Alameda distinguishes itself by being the best place in Seville to go for tapas or to enjoy a drink and soak up the wonderful atmosphere. There is a huge variety of great cafés and restaurants. Here are some of our favourites:

  • Las Columnas. Alameda de Hércules, 19. This is definitely one of the most popular spot. It’s known for its exquisite snacks such as the montadito de pringá, a type of stewed meat and sausage on bread. So how about it?
  • Arte y Sabor. Alameda de Hércules, 85. Cutting-edge, contemporary food is also on offer throughout this area and Arte y Sabor is the best place to find it. You’ll be amazed by its modern Mediterranean-inspired tapas.

LGTBI+ spots

Another of the attractions of the Alameda de Hércules is its transformation into a cutting-edge cultural mecca thanks to the influence of the LGTBI+ community. This is the reason why the area has become a hotspot for new trends and fashion in the city.

You’ll find a whole host of places frequented by the LGBTI+ community here.

  • Discoteca Ítaca (Amor de Dios, 31).
  • El Bosque Animado Café (Arias Montano, 5).
  • Men to Men Bar (Trajano, corner of Delgado, 1).

We hope that you’ve taken note of all the recommendations that we at LOCK & enjoy! have for you. The Alameda de Hércules is one of the city’s most special spots so you’ve really got to see it for yourself. Make your visit a much more enjoyable and practical experience with the LOCK & enjoy! locker service.