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Something we love at LOCK & enjoy! are mysteries. Solving them is a matter of intelligence, but they also generate adrenaline when time is pressing and joy when the solution is found. To experience these and other emotions, escape rooms in Madrid are ideal. You’ll have a great time and enjoy a good story. If you’re in Madrid and want to know which ones are the best, keep reading.

4 must-visit escape rooms in Madrid

The capital offers you a multitude of entertainments, from attending the theater to visiting the main museums. However, escape rooms have been gaining popularity over the years. And it’s not for nothing, as the entertainment they offer is unmatched. Rarely do you become the protagonist of an enigma that must be solved. Just remember to leave your luggage in Madrid in a good storage locker.

Incógnito Escape

The stories of Incógnito Escape stand out for their staging. You’ll have to get to the bottom of the disappearance of a well-known flamenco dancer from Madrid or escape from a pyramid set in the video game Assassin’s Creed. The most striking thing about the place is its commitment to technology, as its adventures include virtual reality.

Moreover, the challenges and puzzles are designed with attention to detail, to the point that some are expert level. An example is the Steampunk Operation, although its difficulty can be adjusted. Without a doubt, it’s a good starting point.

Clue Hunter

At Clue Hunter, there are all kinds of themes and they offer timed mysteries. To solve them, you’ll need to rely on your skill, logical thinking, and intelligence. But there’s also an emphasis on innovation, as with the MegaChef room, which challenges you to prepare three dishes in 60 minutes, albeit without receiving any recipes. The key is to find it (as well as the ingredients), prepare the dish, and present it.

It’s a fun escape room, full of adrenaline, where terror takes a back seat to tension. In fact, you won’t find anything similar among the other options. So, if you want to experience something different from the usual, we recommend it from LOCK & enjoy!.

Juego Enigma

Although it has few mysteries, its plots are well-crafted, the acting is outstanding, and the level is high. Additionally, you can face the challenges either in person or online. As for the stories, there are two:

  • The Virus. A villain forces scientists to develop a pathogen to use as a biological weapon. To prevent the worst, players, who embody agents, must eliminate the threat.
  • The Keylock City Killer. Your duty is to catch a serial killer who has already left seven victims. Fortunately, his weak point is that he likes games and leaves clues for detectives.


Its mysteries are quite original, although there are only two. In The Interview, the organizers propose overcoming a peculiar job interview. The plot revolves around an anonymous company looking to fill some positions. They need highly qualified personnel, and the players are those interested in the jobs. If you want to enjoy a story designed like a live-action movie, you can’t miss it.

The second game is called The Blackproject, it’s highly challenging and lasts 60 minutes. The adventure revolves around the Érebo project of the Olympo corporation, an organization that aims to create a new and exclusive society. As expected, they are looking for interested people, and you could be one of them. However, it’s not an experience for novices.

Where to leave your luggage in Madrid?

Before you embark on a day full of mystery and fun, at LOCK & enjoy!, we recommend using our lockers in Madrid. You’ll store your luggage in a secure establishment to which you have complete access. So, you can focus on thinking about how to solve the puzzles you’ll face with your friends. You’ve seen that some of them are difficult, requiring as much time as possible.

With our lockers in Madrid, you won’t have trouble focusing on your visit and enjoying each experience to the fullest. After all, you’ve come to have a good time and face some villains worthy of a movie.

Has any of the escape rooms we’ve selected for you at LOCK & enjoy! convinced you? Few entertainments are as interactive and present such powerful challenges as this. You’ll need to pay attention to the clues, work as a team, and showcase your ingenuity to find the right solution. And remember to count on us to store your luggage in Madrid.

Rocío Santos

Graduated in Tourism from the University of Seville, this professional has over 15 years of experience in managing tourism events. Specializing in planning and organization, she has worked in diverse environments, creating successful experiences for clients. Her combination of education and experience makes her an expert in her field.