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Valencia’s Hidden Corners: Valencia, one of Spain’s most important cities, stands out for its impressive cultural, historical and tourist appeal, attracting millions of visitors every year. However, in the midst of its hustle and bustle, the city harbours countless hidden corners and secrets that we at LOCK & enjoy! reveal to you.

We invite you to discover these hidden treasures, but first, be sure to book a locker in our lockers in Valencia. Leave your bags and let yourself enjoy a wonderful day exploring everything this city has to offer.

9 Secret and Magical Places in Valencia

Discover now the Valencia’s Hidden Corners and magical places that Valencia has reserved for you. Take note and delve into the corners of this city, which in 2023 was recognized as the third-best city in the world to live in.

Puente de la Trinidad

The Puente de la Trinidad, the oldest in Valencia, was built up between 1401 and 1407, marking a milestone as the city’s first bridge built with stone as structure. Its name comes from its proximity to the Real Monasterio de la Santísima Trinidad.

With a length of 6.232 inch, this bridge features 10 imposing Gothic arches and two staircases that descend to the riverbed. Additionally, it is notable for the presence of two statues, one representing Saint Luis Beltrán and the other Saint Tomás de Villanueva.

Casa Judía

If you are passionate about Art Deco style, you cannot miss the Casa Judía, one of Valencia’s most unique buildings. Located just a few meters from the iconic Gran Vía, on Calle Castellón 20. This construction is distinguished by its distinctive Star of David that crowns the main entrance.

Built up in 1930, the Casa Judía was used as a meeting point for the small Jewish community of Valencia until the 1960s. It worth highlighting a peculiarity: one of the ground floor doors bears a question written in reverse Hebrew: “Are you dead?”

Trinquet de Pelayo

The trinquet is the ground where one of the most deeply rooted sports in the Valencian Community is played: Valencian pilota, a sport similar to Basque pelota. Although this place is widely recognized by the local population, it often goes unnoticed by tourists visiting Valencia.

At LOCK & enjoy! we invite you to discover the famous “cathedral of Valencian pilota,” where you can explore the world of this traditional sport. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a varied offerings of Valencian cuisine provided by the restaurant located inside.

Fábrica de Hielo

Located on Cabañal beach, this place used to be an ice factory in the past. However, it has now been transformed into a vibrant cultural and artistic center that has enriched the leisure offerings of the area.

With a diverse program, this center offers a wide range of activities ranging from literature to cinema, including dance and music. We invite you to explore its varied program and choose the event that most appeals to you. In addition, while enjoying the show, you can indulge in a wide menu of food and drinks.

Museo del Silencio

This destination is only for the most intrepid, as it is located within the General Cemetery of Valencia. It is an innovative project that invites visitors to take cultural tours of the cemetery, with the aim of discovering the city’s historical and popular characters, as well as the women who left a significant legacy.

Open Monday to Saturday, from 09:00 to 18:00 hours, this place offers free entry for all those interested in exploring its history. In addition, you will be accompanied by an expert historian guide.


If you are a museum enthusiast, in the heart of Valencia’s historic center lies the world’s largest collection of miniature soldiers and lead figures, with a total of more than one and a half million pieces.

Inside, the main pieces are meticulously designed to recreate important historical episodes, such as the Battle of Verdun or The Surrender of Granada. Moreover, the museum has 15 themed rooms that house various collections, each representing different stages of history, from ancient times to the 20th century, among others.

Jardines de Monforte

For LOCK & enjoy!, this garden is one of our favourite places in the beautiful city of Turia. With an area of 129,167 square foot, this urban oasis offers the perfect space for walking, relaxing, or enjoying a pleasant picnic with friends and family.

The artistic and cultural value that permeates every corner of this garden has elevated it to the category of National Artistic Treasure. Let yourself be amazed by the Italian sculptures, serene ponds, the charming mansion, and the picturesque rest pavilion that adorn this place.

La Casa de los Gatos

In the famous Carmen neighborhood, there is a charming corner brimming with history and charm, but it goes unnoticed by most tourists. Head to Calle Museo 9 to discover this unique place: a miniature house that once served as a home for the cats living in the neighborhood.

This small work of art that captivates with its detail and charm was created by sculptor Alfonso Yuste in 2003. The facade, with its three stories and a planter, creates an optical effect that simulates the presence of a balcony.

La Finca Roja

This residential building, built in the 1930s, has a notable artistic and historical appeal. Although it is not possible to access its interior since it houses private residences, its mere presence is a delight for the eyes.

This building stands out for its style infused with Dutch Expressionism in every corner and detail. One of its most distinctive features is the towers located at the corners, which in the past were used as water tanks.


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