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What is Isla Mágica?

It’s a theme park situated on the Isla de la Cartuja in Seville. Some of its structures are based on the installations from the Universal Exposition of Seville organised in 1992.

Isla Mágica is divided into different themed areas, most of which focus on transoceanic voyages and the American cultures discovered during them. It also has a water park, called Agua Mágica, with various attractions.

Themed areas of Isla Mágica

In this theme park you’ll have the opportunity to have fun, but also to learn about the discoveries of the continents. To achieve this, it’s divided into 6 areas:

  • The Pirates’ Den, focused on the days when pirates ruled the Caribbean.
  • The Fountain of Youth presents an idyllic setting, with ponds and animals for the little ones to enjoy.
  • El Dorado, which recreates the lost American city of legend.
  • Amazonia, where you can visit the largest rainforest on Earth and see a recreation of the Iguazu Falls.
  • Puerta de América, which is focused on the fort of San Felipe.
  • Sevilla, Puerto de Indias, which takes us back to the city in the 16th century, when it became a major port for ships setting off in search of the New World.

Kids’ area

If you go to this theme park with children, they’ll also be able to enjoy a specific area designed for them. Here, children up to the age of 12 will have access to attractions which are tailored to their needs. The highlights include a water roller coaster, a mini freefall and a reproduction of the caravels, which you can go inside.


Once you’re free of your suitcases, after leaving them in a luggage locker in Seville, at Isla Mágica you have the option of enjoying numerous attractions designed for all types of people. Among the most attractive, your list should include:

  • The Jaguar roller coaster, at up to 85 kilometres per hour.
  • The Anaconda, a water roller coaster which ends with a 17-metre drop. Hair-raising!
  • El Desafío, with the image of a minaret, where you can experience a freefall from a height of 68 metres.
  • Orinoco Rapids, where you can go rafting with your friends in various circular boats and have fun along the 500-metre course.
  • Dimension 4, made up of 4D projections giving the spectators unique sensations.
  • Lago Bola, where you’ll use large transparent balls to move around, struggling to keep your balance.

Nao Vigía

Known as the Globe of Seville, the Nao Vigía can also be found in Isla Mágica.

It offers you a unique experience, only suitable for people who don’t suffer from vertigo and enjoy extreme thrills. It climbs up to 150 metres and drops down again, without moving from its place, but allows you to get a view of the city’s entire landscape and its surroundings. Its dimensions are spectacular: 34 metres high and 23 metres in diameter, with a circular basket which seats 29 people.

You can access this attraction either via the park entrance or directly from the outside.

Some of the shows

After leaving your suitcases at the lockers centre in Seville, it’s worth enjoying some of the most outstanding shows offered by Isla Mágica.

These include Gargantúa and the Isle of Oblivion (which recreates a legend of the Pirates’ Den), The Bathers (where quirky characters cheerfully wander around the park) and Mutiny: Blackbeard’s Revenge, an action-packed spectacle full of cannons.

Agua Mágica

This water park is located inside Isla Mágica, and is known as the Beach of Seville. It’s a family-friendly area with everything from real sand to a variety of slides and a wave pool. You can also relax at Río Lento, an attraction where you ride a float down a tranquil waterway through a beautiful green landscape.

Finally, be sure to visit El Arrecife, an 800-metre aquatic area, which is divided into a swimming pool, children’s games and a relaxation area.

As you can see, a visit to Isla Mágica in Seville is a unique experience which you can share with all your family and friends. If you also use the LOCK & enjoy! lockers and luggage storage service, you’ll be able to enjoy the attractions and shows much more conveniently. You won’t even have to worry about carrying your suitcases!

Victor Salgado

CEO & Co-Founder