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It’s time for discovering Malasaña and everything it offers us. The famous district of Malasaña is tucked away behind Gran Vía, between Calle Fuencarral and Calle San Bernardo. At LOCK & enjoy! we want you to enjoy everything on offer here without having to lug your bags around with you. Leave your belongings at our lockers in Madrid and have fun!

Malasaña, a district with real charm

This district is super-popular with young people at the moment. Its hipster cafés, trendy bars and vintage fashion shops make this the place to be. This hasn’t always been the case.

A district with a story

This area was originally known as el Barrio de las Maravillas – the District of Miracles. The name came from the picture of Our Lady of Miracles at the Carmelite Convent located on the square now known as Plaza del Dos de Mayo.

Its transformation came during the Franco era with the birth of the so-called Movida Madrileña. Big names in the music scene of the time were born in its bars and pubs as the area began to take over from Barcelona as the centre of the progressive movement. Young people were soaking up the feeling of freedom which lives on in the district’s streets today.

Why is it called that?

Manuela Malasaña was a young seamstress, admired for her boldness. She was killed during the 2nd May uprising. Although there are various stories about her death, the two most accepted ones are:

  • She was killed on the square defending herself from some soldiers who were trying to attack her.
  • She died while bringing ammunition to her father who was fighting the French.

Whatever the real story, this heroine made her mark on the district so deeply that it took on her name.

Discover the most unique spots in Malasaña with LOCK & enjoy!

We know that if you come to Madrid, you’ll love this part of the city centre. At LOCK & enjoy! we provide lockers in the district of Malasaña  so you can concentrate on having fun. Here are some of our favourite spots.

Delish Vegan Doughnuts

This joint started life as a small family business, the first to make  vegan doughnuts in Madrid. Today, they have two branches with a welcoming atmosphere and different options, sweet and savoury. Whether or not you’re a vegan, a visit to sample its products, freshly homemade every day, is a must. The menu is updated every month. It always has some surprising and distinctive flavours on offer: passion fruit and ube, banana and peanut, cherry tart, etc.

Pantha Rei

The name of this bookshop comes from an expression by Heraclitus which means “everything flows”. It can be found at 7 Calle Hernán Cortez and specialises in  illustration, design, drawing, photography, graphic novels, and more. If you’re interested in the arts, you should visit as there’s always a small exhibition on there. In addition, they put on workshops in storytelling, embroidery, etc. and dogs are allowed.

Ay Mi Madre!

This small eatery near the Plaza Dos de Mayo has been serving up slices of pizza and pasties to young passer-by since 2009. The Argentinian owners have stuck to their mission of offering quality food at prices accessible to everyone. Even though this is a tiny place, it is worth waiting to sample its Milaneses, humita pastries and delicious thin- and crunchy-based pizzas. It also offers vegan options both on the menu and specials board.

Café Libertad 8

Originally a dairy and later a wine shop, the original structure of this café hasn’t changed since 1976. Its history is linked to the left-wing political parties PCE and CNT, and since 1994, it has been a mecca for singer-songwriters and poets. Amaral, Carlos Chaouen, Marwan and Pedro Pastor have all sung in the intimate atmosphere of this tiny bar. You can head there for a drink or to see an interesting gig or recital and take your place in the cultural scene of the moment.

Elektra Comic

If you like comics, you’ll be in your element here! You’ll find this specialist bookshop at the corner of Calle San Bernardo, in number 20. Its extensive catalogue includes Spanish, European, American and Asian publications. You’re sure to find any comic or manga that you’re looking for here. There’s also comic-related merch and the ever-popular Funko Pop figures.

Madrid Me Mata

If you’re feeling nostalgic for the 1980’s, you’ll love this Movida Madrileña bar-museum. It has three interconnecting rooms with different vibes as well as a basement. Each has bars and premium cocktail service. Inside, you’ll be surrounded by objects, instruments, photos and posters donated by artists including Pedro Almodóvar and El Hortelano. The music played here is carefully curated. The playlist includes 1980’s Spanish pop as well as pop and rock classics such as the Beatles, David Bowie and Los Ronaldos.

As you will have noticed, there is always something to do or a new spot to discover in Malasaña. That’s why you should remember to book a locker in Madrid. Keep your luggage at LOCK & enjoy! and have fun without having to worry about your bags.

Rocío Santos

Graduated in Tourism from the University of Seville, this professional has over 15 years of experience in managing tourism events. Specializing in planning and organization, she has worked in diverse environments, creating successful experiences for clients. Her combination of education and experience makes her an expert in her field.