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Discover the best brunch in Madrid for the brunch with At LOCK & enjoy! We want you to discover every city in depth. And Madrid is one of the most outstanding cities in the country. Not only will you be able to visit all kinds of monuments, but you won’t have to worry about breakfasting late. There are numerous establishments where you can indulge in this art form in the best possible way.

Discover the best brunch in Madrid

Once you have found a good place to leave your bags in Madrid, you might be a little hungry. You look at your watch and realise that it is noon. With no itinerary in mind, you look for a place to eat well and recharge your batteries for your visit to the city. And the reality is that there are several establishments that meet these criteria and that you will love.

There is one thing to note about this place: it only serves brunch on Sundays between one and four in the afternoon. Also, renowned chef Mario Sandoval is at the stove, and he only uses top quality food. To whet your appetite, at Qú you will find homemade pastries and high quality cheeses and cold meats. They also select produce from Madrid and offer dishes that brim with personality.

The prices are high, at around 65 euros, but the dining experience is incredible. After all, there are few places where you will find such a strong commitment to quality.

Brunch by Goutdhestia & DJ

The brunch to be enjoyed in this establishment is the result of a collaboration between Hotel Canopy by Hilton Madrid Castellana and Gourdhestia. As with the place above, this service is only available on Sundays and takes place over several sessions. These are offered on the Z Floor of the hotel and there is much more on offer than just good food. At LOCK & enjoy! we want you to have the best of experiences, so we can’t help but recommend this one.

Each session consists of both brunch and live music. In fact, you can start dancing at any time. As you can see, the concept is quite different from other alternatives and it is not too expensive. From 35 euros, you can enjoy a wide variety of starters, a main course and a dessert.

Hard Rock Hotel Madrid

One of the strengths to this brunch is its staging. The food arrives at your table in a Spanish guitar case. Plus, given the number of options on the menu, you’re likely to end up eating lunch. Essentially, your late breakfast that might easily merge into your second meal of the day. And no wonder, because you can choose Iberian ham, smoked salmon, fruit or eggs however you like them, and there is an orange juice open bar.

Las Brasas de la Castellana

In this case, the brunch is provided on a terrace and is accompanied by live music. The food is offered in the form of a varied buffet. There is seafood, ham, steak tartare, pasta, rice dishes, hot and cold dishes and much more. There are also pastries and, if you want to remain trim, all kinds of salads.

If you already found the most renowned lockers in Madrid to store your luggage, you should go and try Las Brasas de la Castellana. The food is of good quality and the setting is peaceful. However, the price for the entire brunch is 110 euros per person. So, think again if you had planned not to spend too much on food.


This is another example of a late breakfast offered on a terrace and outdoors that we at LOCK & enjoy! would like to share with you. It is served on Saturdays and Sundays from one o’clock in the afternoon. IT offers one of the most comprehensive menus you can find, so much so that it has a section of grilled dishes. You can sample an assortment of Iberian cured meats, cheeses from all over the world, hummus with pita bread or Russian salad.

As for grilled dishes, the establishment offers chistorra sausage, chorizo, free-range chicken and black pudding. All good options that will leave you with a full stomach. But the menu doesn’t end here, because at LOCK & enjoy! we want you to discover it in depth. To round off your visit, there is a wide variety of desserts and cocktails available.

Irreverente’s menu includes seasonal fruit, homemade ice creams and all kinds of cocktails. They all come at a fairly affordable price for any visitor to the city.

At LOCK & enjoy! we only go for the highest quality venues. The ones in this post will give you a good dining experience and a pleasant stay. So find a place to store your luggage in Madrid and don’t hesitate about going for a good brunch. It’s a worthwhile experience.

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