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For the first time in history, the Latin Grammys will be held in Seville. Discover all the key aspects of this event with LOCK & enjoy! we love good music, especially when an exceptional city is involved. This year, for the first time in history, the Latin Grammys will be held in Seville. Renowned artists from the Hispanic and Latin American world will come together for this unique event.

Enjoy the 2023 Latin Grammys in Seville

The 2023 Latin Grammys will be held in Seville on 16 November. Naturally, the city will attract top artists from the music scene. From Pablo Alborán to Maluma, we’re certainly in for an unforgettable experience. After all, these international awards have gained popularity based on talent and dedication.

To truly understand the significance of this event, it’s the first time that the Latin Grammys are being held outside the US. What’s more, all related events will also be in Seville, transforming the city into the hub of Latin music. For the whole week leading up to the awards, you’ll be able to spot your favourite artists around the Andalusian capital.

The organisers’ aim is for the event to serve as a bridge between cultures. In fact, the difference between the Hispanic and Latino worlds is negligible, so there’s nothing better than establishing a connection that marks the start of a new era after the awards.

Where will the award ceremony take place?

To properly plan your trip to Seville, you need to know where the Grammys will be held. The event is set to take place at the Conference and Exhibition Centre of Seville. This choice was certainly intentional, since the building has two distinct yet related centres. To connect them, there is a wide exhibition walkway, which is ideal for the artists to present themselves to the audience.

On the other hand, the venue meets the technical requirements for such a large-scale event. In this regard, the sound quality must meet the necessary standards for the concerts to take place. Otherwise, the audience’s experience (both live and online) wouldn’t be as enjoyable. Keep in mind that around 6,000 people are expected to attend, though the exact number may vary depending on the final lineup of activities.

Another aspect we’d like to highlight here at LOCK & enjoy! are the concerts set to take place. The Grammy organisers together with the regional government of Andalusia have reached a key agreement. While the autonomous community will host two large performances, there’s lots more to come. Over the next two years, there are plans for another two concerts, as a testimony to the region’s commitment to Latin music.

Who will take part in the Grammys?

While at other awards ceremonies the nominees are the ones to perform, in this case things are a little different. Artists who have not been nominated for an award are expected to take the stage. This is especially helpful for up-and-coming singers and bands looking to make a name for themselves in front of thousands of live spectators.

There will also be artists in the limelight. To get an idea of what to expect, at LOCK & enjoy! we’ve put together a list of the lineup confirmed so far:

  • Pablo Alborán.
  • Peso Pluma.
  • Eslabón Armado.
  • Edgar Barrera.
  • Camilo.
  • Juanes.
  • Ozuna.
  • Manuel Carrasco.

One of the key artists you simply cannot miss is Laura Pausini. The singer has been named the 2023 Person of the Year by the Latin Recording Academy. Without a doubt, her 30-year career deserves recognition, as it has done wonders in terms of breaking down language barriers. What’s more, the Italian artist’s personality and her support for social justice causes have made her a true role model.

Where can you watch the Latin Grammys?

In case you can’t travel to the centre of Sevilla Este, where the event’s venue is located, there are several ways you can watch the Latin Grammys. Over the past few years, the organisers have opted for a combination of television broadcasting and streaming platforms. In this way, the event can be accessed by a wider audience of all ages, united by their love for Latin music.

The Grammys will be broadcast by Univision in the US and by TNT in Latin America. As for the online options, HBO Max is likely to stream the event, as is Univision Now. So, as you can see, there are several ways to ensure you won’t miss a thing. Here at LOCK & enjoy! you can rest assured we’ll be paying attention.

At LOCK & enjoy!, we want to tell you all there is to know about the latest music events. If you’re planning a trip to the city, remember that we have lockers in Seville. Enjoy your stay with peace of mind, knowing that you’ll always have access to luggage storage.

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