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Discover the authentic art in Las Palmas with LOCK & enjoy! We love street art as it is such a genuine expression. Out of every city in Spain, Las Palmas stands out for the different examples you can see in its streets. These are pieces of art in which anonymous or well-known artists give free rein to their talent in a unique way.

Discover the authentic art in Las Palmas

A visit to Las Palmas involves much more than just enjoying its cuisine, landscape and architecture. You really must spend some time looking at the street art, of which there are all kinds of examples. You only need to stroll through the streets and neighbourhoods of the city to find some outstanding examples.

Paseo de Las Canteras

This street hosts a work of art by Diego Diem and CNFSN, created with great skill. It depicts the head of a surprised man, although half of his face is obscured. Other pieces of urban art also await, with a series of letters stretching out on either side.

Avenida José Mesa y López

If you like activist art with a touch of humour, at LOCK & enjoy! we suggest you visit this work of art. It defends graffiti as an element of city life. The drawing shows a moving dragon that has been adapted to fit the structure on which it has been painted. The animal appears to have one foot on the steps as it is standing next to a staircase.

On the dragon’s back, a fantasy being makes the following claim: “Graffiti doesn’t bite”. And to finish it off, the reptile is releasing wind, making fun of those who are uncomfortable with street art.

El Refugio park

El Refugio park has served as a stage for several artistic creations. And no wonder, since part of the facilities are dedicated to skateboarding. You’ll find a wide range of pieces on the sports ramps. Some are as simple as a lattice of letters and others are figurative.

But it’s not the only one you can see. On another of the ramps a man’s face has been drawn, winking and smiling. This doesn’t say much on its own, although there is one detail that will interest you. The right-hand corner contains a small heart giving a touch of red that stands out in the piece.

Most of the scenes shown can be interpreted in multiple ways. At LOCK & enjoy! we encourage you to discover this Las Palmas art form in depth. So, as you soak up the city’s context and idiosyncrasies, you will be able to better understand each piece of art. Don’t forget to store your luggage in a luggage locker, one way to be safe and enjoy peace of mind.

The mural in the La Minilla neighbourhood

This is one of the most significant artworks in Las Palmas because of its origin and at LOCK & enjoy! we want you to see it for yourself. The mural is the result of the National Graffiti League held in 2021, an event that brought many artists together. Out of these, only ten made it to the final, which enabled them to participate in this work. In total, a wall measuring 42 metres long by 3.8 metres high was used for the graffiti artists to showcase their work.

The result is a collection of scenes that are closely related to the city or that inspired the authors. You can see the writer Benito Pérez Galdós and Compay Segundo, among others. It is a display of affection for both the place’s distinguished individuals and the locality itself.

It also sought to demonstrate that graffiti is not an act of vandalism, rather another aspect of human creativity. Although it is a controversial medium, this type of art can revitalise dead or unnoticed spaces.

These are the pieces of art that have surprised us the most at LOCK & enjoy! There are many more, but there’s nothing better than discovering them with a trip to the city. Also, remember that we have lockers in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.. There is always somewhere to leave your bags and this is our response when you’re wondering if there’s a left-luggage office near me.

Victor Salgado

CEO & Co-Founder