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Do you know the best places to eat paella in Valencia? At LOCK & enjoy! we know how important it is to enjoy a good meal when travelling. Visiting a city on an empty stomach is not a great idea, as you will run out of energy and just want to get back to your accommodation. What a waste of time, don’t you think? What’s more, you’ll miss out on the rich local cuisine, a mistake you can’t afford to make in Valencia.

Discover these places to eat paella in Valencia

In this city on the river Turia, you can store your luggage in a quality luggage locker and enjoy a fantastic dining experience. In fact, you are at the very birthplace of paella, a dish that has transcended global cuisine by uniquely combining great tasting foods. If you want to try the best paellas in Valencia, then don’t miss these establishments.

Llar Román

This is a family restaurant opened in 1973 that is now run by the third generation. The establishment will catch your eye with its humble façade and hook you with its excellent dishes. Many of the recipes have been passed down from the grandmother of chef Salva Real. So, you can sample dishes which were invented at home, including the paella itself.

As well as paella, Llar Román serves all kinds of rice-based dishes, including some classics, such as arròs al senyoret (seafood paella) or arròs amb fesols i naps (Valencian stew). Each dish is also prepared with top-quality fresh products. An enchanting place with excellent service.

Casa Carmela

Over 100 years old, this is a genuine monument to paella. Casa Carmela specialises in wood-fired paella and no detail is overlooked. From the kitchen, they strive to offer an impressive menu using first-class products. As for the premises itself, the hall stands out for its brightness and peacefulness. There are also private spaces and a terrace, which is ideal for summer.

While you eat or wait for your order to arrive, there is a set of screens on which you can watch the work in the kitchen. Even though you don’t have a direct view, this is one way to see daily life at the establishment from up close. You will see how the rice chefs give free rein to their skills and make paellas that you will love. And, of course, they are prepared with fire from orange tree wood, as dictated by tradition.


Another restaurant that we recommend at LOCK & enjoy! is Mimar. It opened its doors a year ago and has become one of the most outstanding rice restaurants in the city. Set facing the Malvarrosa beach, Raúl Aleixandre is in charge of the kitchen. The chef, winner of the National Gastronomy Prize in 2004, is a quality guarantee himself.

The restaurant is committed to quality products so as not to disappoint its diners. From the rice selection to the seafood selection, you can be sure there is an expert hand behind it. No aspect is left to chance, and this is also reflected in the service itself. Enjoy carefully prepared, delicious and surprisingly simple dishes.

La Marítima

Just as we at LOCK & enjoy! always want you to have the most outstanding lockers in Valencia, we also want you to choose only the best restaurants. Run by the Andrés Salvador family, a host of rice dishes await at this establishment, from paella to rice with lobster.

However, when it comes to selecting the grain, they opt for a grain produced in the Valencian Community itself. After all, there is no need to go further afield, as the highest quality varieties are grown on their own land. Undoubtedly, a place where you can taste the best food cooked with mastery and extensive knowledge.

Bon Aire

Finally, Bon Aire is another restaurant that is worth a visit because of its long history. They have been in business since 1982 and such is the expertise of their chefs that they won the First International Valencian Paella Award in 2018. This is an incredible example of how to elevate such a simple dish to its maximum potential, and that is why we recommend it. In addition to its capacity, it stands out for its location, as it is right in the heart of the Albufera natural park. Landscape and good food, what more could you ask for?

To enjoy Valencia, at LOCK & enjoy! we recommend the best restaurants in the city. Sample a paella like no other at its very birthplace. But if you want to try another rice dish, you’re in the right city for that. And, if you are wondering where to find a locker near me, we have the best solution.

Victor Salgado

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