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Spanish omelette for everyone! Discover the best restaurants in Seville

Tortilla de patatas

Spanish omelette for everyone! Is there anything more popular in Spain than a Spanish omelette (tortilla de patatas)? Probably not. The reason: it’s delicious and in the centre of Seville they know that. As such – and because World Spanish Omelette Day will take place on 9th March – we want to reveal the places in Seville that make it the best.

Spanish omelette for everyone while visiting Seville

If you’re thinking about doing some sightseeing in the capital of Andalusia, there will certainly be many places that you’d like to visit. So that you don’t faint on the way, what better thing than to make a stop to regain your strength and try one of the most famous Spanish dishes of all time: the Spanish omelette (tortilla de patatas).

Las tortillas de Eva

This restaurant is specialised in both Spanish omelettes and different garnishes so that you can have your meal with your favourite side. It also offers an enormous variety of recipes that you can also take away to eat wherever you want.

Bar Santa Marta

Found in the centre of Seville, this bar’s specialty is this particular dish. The enormous flavour of its omelettes, as well as their juiciness, wins over all who try them. If you prefer to take it away to taste it while visiting some of the most well-known routes around Seville, there won’t be any issue.

Bodeguita Casablanca

This place is very popular as it has a culinary specialty that, if you haven’t already tried, you really must: the tortilla a la whisky. And if it has been freshly made, you’ll find it hard not to have seconds.


This particular establishment in the capital of Andalusia serves a delicious Spanish omelette alongside a very generous portion of salsa alioli (garlic mayonnaise). Even though there are many who believe that it’s so good it doesn’t need a side of any kind, what’s true is that it is a magnificent combination.

Real Venta Pilín

Set in the Tablada neighbourhood, this place offers you the chance to enjoy a good portion of omelette, surrounded by vegetation and in complete peace. However, you don’t have to try it in the setting itself. It’s also possible to buy it to enjoy its incredible flavour during your travels around Seville.

‘El Tete’ Cafe and Grocer’s

This establishment is especially famous in Seville’s Aljarafe region, as it’s one of the places to make the most portions of Spanish omelette every day in this city. The combinations to sample are almost infinite, including omelette with peppers and onion, omelette with chorizo and garlic, omelette with tuna and omelette with vegetables.

Bar José Luis

Freshly made in just a moment. That’s how they serve omelettes in this bar in the centre of Seville. On top of that, everyone likes them – both those who prefer them runny and those who eat them more set, as they prepare them to perfection.


This place stands out for the giant Spanish omelette with peppers and onion that they make and serve along with mayonnaise. If you’re visiting Seville, leave your luggage in our LOCK & enjoy! locker and find this establishment to sample this dish. It will make your mouth water!

‘El Kilómetro 1’ Meals

In this establishment, apart from making all kinds of hot foods, cold foods and even stews, they make delicious Spanish omelettes every day. They are so good that you need to book in advance to make sure you don’t miss out.

Blanco Cerrillo

Even though this place in the centre of Seville is well-known, above all, for its delicious, marinated anchovies, their Spanish omelette is also well worth a try. Ask for a tapa of each and savour them peacefully in the must-visit bar.

A Lembranza

This Galician restaurant serves omelette in the Betanzos style – essentially, with no onion, a little underdone and very juicy. What’s more, it’s so underdone that the egg spills over the plate. What a treat!

A las dos y pico

Omelettes are a specialty in this place, and they have a special feature: they’re square. You can order all kinds of flavours: peppers, garlic and parsley, chorizo, with or without onion, garlic prawns or cured ham, among others. Whatever the choice, your palate will be delighted.

Visit Seville in comfort

Now that you know where to enjoy a delicious Spanish omelette in the centre of Seville and its surroundings, you’ll definitely want to make it as comfortable as possible. To make your experience memorable, at LOCK & enjoy! we offer a locker service to make your travels around Seville perfect. You’ll find us at different points in the city or next to the train stations 24 hours a day. So, you’ll have no problems with keeping your luggage completely safe and enjoying the “special colour” of this destination.

Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day in Madrid in 2023!

St Patrick’s Day

Are you planning on visiting the Spanish capital this March? If you are, you’ll be there for one of the most exciting events of the year: St Patrick’s Day. So, don’t miss it! Leave your luggage in a LOCK & Enjoy locker in the city in  Madrid and party the night away in the many Irish pubs at this destination. Enjoy St Patrick’s Day in Madrid!

The best places to enjoy St Patrick’s Day in Madrid

On 17 March, Ireland and many other countries deck themselves out in green to mark St Patrick’s Day. The Spanish capital is in on all the action. If you want to experience this celebration in all its glory, look for lockers in Madrid near to the city’s finest Irish pubs to make your life easier. A great night out is guaranteed!

James Joyce

This pub can be found at 59 Calle Alcalá, right next to the popular Plaza Cibeles. Spanish and Irish food is served up inside and sports events are shown on TV. Concerts are often held on the terrace. What else can you ask for?


This bar is located in the Malasaña neighbourhood, in the heart of the Spanish capital. It originally wasn’t a pub, but it soon became one of THE places to enjoy Ireland’s traditional drinks. Its live music and pints mean it has everything you need to celebrate this day.


Just a stone’s throw from the Puerta del Sol at 12 Calle Príncipe, this Irish pub is considered to be one of Europe’s largest. Potatoes and beer are the real stars of this two-floor colossus. Find out where to keep your luggage  in a LOCK & enjoy! locker and… Get the party started!


Its dim lighting and dark walls will make you feel like you’re actually in a pub in Ireland. This is also one of the best places to see live sports and take to the dancefloor. They give out presents to everyone there on St Patrick’s Day while stocks last. Find it at 7 Calle de Espoz y Mina.

La Fontana de Oro

This bar, which started out as a place for discussions, can be found at 1 Calle Victoria. Over time, it became what it is today: a really appealing space, full of bottles, old books and even featuring a motorbike hanging from the ceiling. We recommend you put your luggage in a LOCK & enjoy! locker and see it for yourself. You won’t regret it!

El Parnasillo del Príncipe

This bar’s great location in Huertas means this bar is always bustling. Its enormous variety of local and European beers and its exquisite Irish coffee are some of its main attractions. During the week, you’ll normally find language exchange events taking place. They also show football matches and there is always a party on for St. Patrick’s Day, with Guinness and lots of prizes.

The Irish Rover

The interior of this bar is a recreation of a real Irish pub with Gaelic phrases decorating the wooden walls. Generally, it puts on a variety of live music events during the period of St. Patrick’s Day that you can watch while enjoying a hearty meal washed down with a specialty beer. It’s located on Avenida de Brasil next to Santiago Bernabéu.

Paddy’s Irish

Very close to the Irish Rover, in the Tetuán neighbourhood, you’ll find this pub, another of the Spanish capital’s must-visits, which offers its customers an infinite array of activities and fun nights out. And, of course, one of its most famous events is the one held to commemorate the patron saint of Ireland. Any brand of beer or cider, as well as the best music, is waiting for you here. Book your LOCK & enjoy! locker, leave your bag there and forget about boredom.

Newbridge Irish

This place is definitely a good choice when it comes to living it up on St. Patrick’s Day, as well as watching La Liga and British Premier League matches the rest of the year. Don’t forget that they serve Aperol Spritz, a very famous drink that is a go-to in most pubs in Ireland and the UK.


“A piece of Ireland in the heart of Madrid”. This is how they describe themselves. This is a welcoming place imbued with the colour and flavours of this Celtic country. Want to have a great night out? You won’t be disappointed here.

Discover Irish culture in Madrid

If you have a passion for this land of castles and legends, and of course, beer and partying, now you know some of the best pubs  for celebrating St Patrick’s Day. So, stop just thinking about it and store your luggage in a LOCK & enjoy! smart locker. Find the luggage storage that’s closest to you and focus on having a great night out.