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This time, LOCK & enjoy! takes you to one of the trendiest neighbourhoods in Valencia. It’s Ruzafa, a charming area full of places to visit and taste the local food. What to see in Valencia’s Ruzafa neighbourhood? Let’s find out.

Discover Valencia’s trendy Ruzafa neighbourhood

Located in Eixample district, you can see how Valencia absorbed other places here. Until the 19th century, Ruzafa was outside the city walls, but over time it became part of the city. Nowadays, the neighbourhood maintains a traditional aesthetic with local and foreign influences.

Ruzafa Market

It’s the hipster hub of the neighbourhood, although its function is very traditional. It was opened in 1957 and continues to be a local market. Numerous stands await you inside, where you can enjoy the products of the Valencian land and coast. Typical Mediterranean food, such as feta cheese, is also on offer.

It’s a great place to have breakfast before visiting the neighbourhood. After tasting the delicacies offered there, you will have enough energy for the whole day.

Church of St. Valerius and St. Vincent the Martyr

Another stop not to be missed is the church of St. Valerius and St. Vincent the Martyr. Colloquially it’s known as the cathedral of Ruzafa and boasts a long history. It was built at the time of the Reconquest, around 1415, and it was erected on the site of a mosque. The building combines different styles, such as Gothic and Baroque.

Despite its age and artistic value, it was burnt down during the Civil War, which led to its reconstruction in 1939. This is certainly one of the most recommended stops by LOCK & enjoy!

Ubik Café

If you like to read while sipping a good cup of coffee, you’ll love this place. It’s a bookshop café where you can eat some simple dishes and enjoy live music. The owners organise all sorts of workshops, exhibitions and book presentations. As you can see, culture is one of the central themes of this venue, making it even more interesting.

Nozomi Sushi Bar

Beyond the local culture, Nozomi Sushi Bar will take you to Japan with its aesthetics and food. They make sushi and offer yakitori along with other dishes. The décor is that of a traditional Japanese tavern, with lanterns and origami decorations. If you are looking for somewhere unique to eat, this is the place.

Parc Central

After lunch, you may want to lie down for a bit or go for a stroll under the shade of some trees. Parc Central is one of the best options you’ll find in Ruzafa. It’s a modern park with many large green areas and playgrounds. It even has a couple of small vertical climbing walls. In total, there are 100,000 square metres of landscaped areas filled with shrubs and plants.

If you go with children or pets, the park has special facilities for them to enjoy. There are slides, water games and a designated area for dogs. So, the whole family will have a great time during the visit.

Art Galleries

There are three contemporary art galleries in Rufaza: Espai Tactel, Color Elefante and Trentatres Gallery. In each one, you will find avant-garde pieces, and the latter two have a dining area. Even if you just stop by for a quick drink, you will be surrounded by great examples of human creativity.

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As you have seen, Ruzafa is a very attractive neighbourhood that at LOCK & enjoy! we invite you to discover for yourself. A vibrant culture, rich and varied cuisine and unique architecture await you. There is even a large park where you can take a break from walking. Don’t forget to try a delicious paella.

Victor Salgado

CEO & Co-Founder