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Gran Canaria is a favourite destination for people from all over the world. Of course, this popularity is no coincidence, which you will understand completely once you set foot in this paradise. LOCK & enjoy offers you 10 reasons to visit Gran Canaria. Will you join us?

LOCK & enjoy offers you 10 reasons to visit Gran Canaria

Incredible beaches, dreamy landscapes, unspoiled nature, delicious cuisine… There’s no doubt that Gran Canaria combines all the attractions needed for an exceptional holiday. As travel enthusiasts at LOCK & enjoy!, we want to share with you what it is that makes this island so special and why you should visit it.

1. An enviable climate

Do cold, grey days depress you? Well then you should hurry up and visit Gran Canaria, where your mood will always be happy and vibrant. Thanks to its strategic geographic location, it is blessed with an exceptional climate. With an average annual temperature of 24°C and just 22 days of rain a year, it is the perfect destination for any time of year.

2. Spectacular nature

Remote deserts, lush vegetation, spectacular mountains and paradisiacal beaches live together in harmony in Gran Canaria. Did you know that the majority of the island has been declared a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO? This means that its special flora and fauna are protected and maintain their environmental purity. Can you think of a better place to connect with nature?

3. Beaches and water sports

Gran Canaria’s beaches aren’t just a place to admire their beauty, they also have everything you need to get the most enjoyment out of them! Whether you prefer to just go for a dip or if you want to give free reign to your adrenaline, you can do it all. 60 kilometres of beaches offers so many possibilities! The most popular sports include surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, scuba diving and recreational fishing.

4. Sports and outdoor activities

Of course, not everything is confined to the water. The climate and characteristics of the land are ideal for enjoying a myriad of activities. For example, its extensive network of trails invites you to discover and explore by bike, on foot or even on horseback!

Others who are sure to have fun are fans of climbing, because this island is like a big private climbing wall. There’s no doubt that, if you are the restless type, you will love your stay on Gran Canaria.

5. Heaps of culture

Make sure to take the chance to soak up the island’s rich culture and history during your trip. Gran Canaria has an exciting aboriginal past that you can discover in museums and archaeological parks. Additionally, as it has been a port of call throughout the centuries, you can find an impressive mix of cultures.

6. Delicious cuisine

Another irresistible reason to visit is its food. The Canary Islands have a tasty and varied cuisine intended to delight your palate and stimulate your senses. From soups and stews like rancho canario, potaje de berros and sancocho, to traditional potato dishes like papas arrugás… Is your mouth watering yet?

7. A world of possibilities for little ones

Adults enjoy Gran Canaria to a great extent, but children even more so. Their curiosity and restless spirits are perfectly suited to a spot like this one. Here they can connect with nature, play at being archaeologists and much more. They won’t have a chance to get bored with all there is to do and all the points of interest to discover.

8. Switch off and relax

What would a holiday be without relaxation? In addition to getting active with the plans mentioned above, you have the opportunity to switch off in a wonderful area. The island offers a wide range of spas and wellness centres that will help you to feel your best both inside and out.

9. VAT-free shopping

Gran Canaria is the perfect place for a shopping trip because there is no VAT there. On the contrary, goods are taxed with IGIC (Canaries General Indirect Tax) that is commonly referred to as ‘Canaries VAT.’ The good thing is its tax rates are incredibly low compared to mainland Spain.

10. LOCK & enjoy! service

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And that’s where our list ends. If you have enjoyed reading all this information, imagine what it would be like to try it out for yourself. Are you ready to visit Gran Canaria? If you want to make your experience much more pleasant and practical, you can rely on the LOCK & enjoy! luggage storage service.

Victor Salgado

CEO of LOCK & enjoy! and tourism expert, with experience in leading hotel chains such as Hyatt, Marriott, or IHG. His mastery of Oracle's Opera and its integrations drive excellence in management through any tourism software.