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The city of Seville, with its melting pot of cultures and the special charm of its locals, has something for everyone. If you plan your visit well, two days should be enough to get the most out of this delightful city. Explore the Ideas to discover the best of Seville in two days. Take a weight off your shoulders and leave your bags at a luggage storage facility.

Ideas to discover the best of Seville in two days

First of all, book your accommodation and tickets for the monuments you want to visit. Don’t waste time on queueing and last-minute organisation. The Santa Cruz neighbourhood is a great option for your stay in Seville. With a wide variety of accommodation and restaurants for all tastes, you will be close to many of the city’s unmissable sites. Make sure to book your luggage locker and leave your worries and bags behind.

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In the centre of Seville: Royal Alcazar of Seville and Cathedral

To start out on a high, spend your first day in the centre of Seville. First stop, the Royal Alcazar palaces. A must-see, make sure to take your time exploring this incredible complex. Construction of the walled precinct began in the 9th century and its style has been influenced by different cultures over the years. You will find yourself in the midst of palaces, gardens, alcoves and a succession of patios in styles ranging from Arab and Gothic to Mudejar and Renaissance.

Continue your tour of Seville by heading for the Cathedral of Santa María. This impressive building is the world’s largest gothic temple. Its majestic proportions will leave you speechless. Stand in awe of its beauty both inside and out and feel humbled by its grandiose scale. Interesting fact: during your visit you’ll be able to see the tomb of Christopher Columbus.

One of the defining features of this cathedral is that it was built on the site of a mosque, with its Patio de los Naranjos  (orange tree patio) and the famous Giralda testifying to its Arab past. The Giralda  is none other than the minaret of the former mosque. Climb to the top of this iconic monument and let your gaze rove over the city from a height of 100 metres. But don’t worry, you won’t have to climb flights and flights of stairs to get there. Just a series of 35 ramps. The once sultan of the city chose this unusual design so that he could reach the top of the minaret astride his horse. During its conversion to a Christian place of worship, the top section was added as a bell tower.

Highlights of central Seville: General Archive of the Indies, Santa Cruz and Triana neighbourhoods

Continue your visit at the Archive of the Indies. This handsome building houses all kinds of documents from an era when Seville was the principal trade hub with America. Maps of the colonies and other curiosities are sure to delight history lovers. It’s only a short stop en route, with free entry.

Continuing our route in the centre of Seville , it’s time to lose yourself in the labyrinthine streets of the Santa Cruz neighbourhood. There’s lots to see, but here it’s not about big monuments. Just open your eyes and follow your feet. Narrow, winding streets and petite patios hidden among whitewashed houses draped in flowers… stimulate your senses while soaking up this neighbourhood’s unique atmosphere.

It’s been a long day. But it’s not over yet. Pick up your bags from luggage storage, take a refreshing shower at your hotel and soak up the essence of Seville in the streets and squares of Triana.

Cross the River Guadalquivir via the Isabel II bridge and you’ll arrive at the neighbourhood of Triana, the heart and soul of Seville. Choose a restaurant for dinner or try a selection of tapas in a local bar. Enjoy a glass of wine or two at a flamenco club or blend in with the locals on the streets of Seville.

Plaza de España and Maria Luis Park

Second and last day in the city. LOCK & enjoy! is a great solution to leave your luggage safe and sound after checking-out of your hotel.

Let’s start at the Plaza de España. Semicircular in shape and bordered by a canal with various bridges, you can enjoy this majestic monument on foot or by boat, if you feel up to rowing. This monumental square is encircled by 48 benches, each decorated with traditional tiles representing Spain’s different provinces… except Seville. At the time of its construction, the Canary Islands were considered a single province.

Next to the square you will find María Luisa Park, one of the city’s many green spaces. Take a stroll among its leafy gardens and refreshing fountains. On your walk you will also come across two stunning buildings in a Neo-Mudejar style, Seville’s Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions.

To top off your tour make your way to the Alameda de Hércules, the city’s trendiest area, and make a farewell toast to the city and its many charms. En route, stop by Las Setas (“the mushrooms”) and have your say about this unusual monument. This controversial wooden and steel structure is completely at odds with the traditional architecture of Seville, yet it’s become in one of the city’s most iconic landmarks.

Finally, all that’s left to do is collect your bags if you decide to leave them in luggage storage and bid farewell to Seville. Until next time!

Rocío Santos

Graduated in Tourism from the University of Seville, this professional has over 15 years of experience in managing tourism events. Specializing in planning and organization, she has worked in diverse environments, creating successful experiences for clients. Her combination of education and experience makes her an expert in her field.