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Generally, we tend to associate Fallas with the city of Valencia. However, Benidorm is another destination where this festival is lived with intensity. That’s why, from LOCK & enjoy! we want to take advantage of this article to tell you what this city has to offer, so read on and don’t miss it!


Benidorm in Fallas 2024

There’s not much time left to enjoy one of the most popular festivities in the country: the Fallas. Of course, the city of Benidorm also joins this celebration dedicated to Saint Joseph with a very interesting programme. In LOCK & enjoy! we tell you about the events you shouldn’t miss.


La Cridà

This is the event that marks the beginning of the festivities and is led by Falla Benidorm Centro, Falla Rincón de Loix and Falla Els Tolls, which are the three Fallas commissions of Benidorm. If you don’t want to miss it, you should know that La Cridà will take place on Saturday 2nd March from 19:00 in Gambo Street.


Paella competition

Gastronomy enthusiasts have an unmissable date on the Sunday after La Cridà. This is nothing less than the paella competition. Firewood, folding tables and lots of rice are the elements that on 3 th March at Festa Espai will bring to life one of the most popular dishes in our cuisine.


Last year, up to 30 paellas were prepared, 19 of them for the competition, which made the jury’s final verdict very difficult. As you can guess, it’s one of the most popular events with locals and tourists alike – what could be more iconic than eating paella outdoors in Benidorm?


Plantà and prize giving

15th March is the day of the Plantà. This is a day during which the fallero artists put the finishing touches to the monuments that will be placed in the city of Benidorm. The following day, the jury will take a tour of the Fallas monuments to evaluate them and choose the best work.



Another event that you shouldn’t miss is the one that will take place on Monday 18th March. Starting at 18:30 in the Plaza de Castelar, the three Fallas commissions will carry out the offering of flowers in honour of the Mare de Déu del Sofratge. In this parade you will be able to see the falleras in their traditional costume.

Mascletà, parade of floats and cremà (fireworks)

The 19th of March, Saint Joseph’s Day, is the most important date in the calendar, so there will be several activities and events during the day. One of the most popular is the Mascletà, scheduled for 14:00 and in which, of course, the three fallera commissions will take part. At 18:00 you can enjoy the long-awaited parade of floats that will start its route from Marqués de Comillas street.


The highlight of the day is, of course, the Cremà, where the Fallas monuments will be set alight. At 23:00 the children’s cremà will begin and then it will be the turn of the major monuments. This will mark the end of 4 frenetic days of activity in Benidorm.

Other activities

Apart from those already mentioned, you can have fun with many other events that will take place in the city of Benidorm. Some of them are the following:


  • Playbacks competition, on Saturday 16th organised by the Falla Benidorm Centro commission.
  • Parades on Sunday 17th and Monday 18th, offered by the different Falla commissions.
  • Children’s and adults’ fancy dress competition on Sunday 17th, organised by the Falla Benidorm Centro.
  • DJ parties on Monday 18th March in the various Fallas commissions’ marquees.


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Victor Salgado

CEO & Co-Founder