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If you are passionate about running and want to better yourself, the XXXIX Zurich Seville Marathon 2024 should be your next goal. This is a great competition that tests your endurance and invites you to discover the beautiful city of Seville. Ready to take on this challenge? At LOCK & enjoy!, we tell you everything you need to know to make the most of this experience. So, get ready for the XXXIX Zurich Seville Marathon 2024.

What do you need to know about this competition?

There are several aspects that you should be aware of before you embark on this exciting adventure and take advantage of the opportunity to spend a few days in the Andalusian capital – because why not?

Seville’s sporting event par excellence

The Zurich Seville Marathon is one of the most internationally recognised sporting events. In fact, every year it attracts thousands of participants willing to run the 42.195 km linking the centre of Seville with some of the most emblematic locations in the city. Don’t hesitate and visit Seville in a unique way!

Where to leave your running gear

We know that during the race, you won’t need to carry all your belongings with you. For this reason, the Zurich Seville Marathon offers runners a luggage storage service, where you can leave your belongings during the competition and pick them up at the end. But where are you going to store the rest of your bags? Without a doubt, the best alternative is to rent a locker at LOCK & enjoy! With our lockers in Seville, you will be able to enjoy the race and spend some unforgettable days in the city, hassle-free.

A tour of Seville’s most emblematic locations

One of the attractions of the Zurich Seville Marathon is its route. The route goes through the centre of Seville, passing some of the top locations in the city, such as Plaza de España, the Torre del Oro and María Luisa Park. Therefore, it will not only be a physical challenge, but also a unique way to visit Seville and get to know its rich history and culture.

How to prepare for the Zurich Seville Marathon

To take on a marathon, you need a great deal of physical and mental preparation. In this respect, we recommend you design a training plan, maintain a healthy diet and get adequate rest. In any case, remember that, although it’s a competition, the most important thing is to enjoy the journey to the finish line.

The XXXIX Zurich Seville Marathon 2024 is a competition that will not only test your physical endurance. However, also your ability to better yourself and enjoy the experience. And with the LOCK & enjoy! service, you can run without any worries and enjoy the race and the city to the fullest. Get ready for the challenge and visit Seville in a unique way!

Victor Salgado

CEO of LOCK & enjoy! and tourism expert, with experience in leading hotel chains such as Hyatt, Marriott, or IHG. His mastery of Oracle's Opera and its integrations drive excellence in management through any tourism software.