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At LOCK & enjoy! we know that luggage is important when it comes to travelling. It’s a key factor you have to take into account in your plans. Otherwise, you might end up losing a suitcase or forgetting it in a hotel. So to avoid any problems or mishaps, you’re better off keeping it to the bare minimum. Discover the city thanks to Lock & Enjoy!

Why is it a good idea to travel light?

Travelling with a small amount of luggage allows you to be more agile, as you don’t have to keep track of multiple suitcases. Whenever you go anywhere, you’ll have to take them all with you, so it’ll take longer to get from one place to another. Think about how much time you’ll need to pack them up and move them from your accommodation to your transport. Not to mention when you have to go to an airport you’re not familiar with.

Also, if you’re carrying a lot of luggage, it will cost you more. You’ll have to deal with all sorts of fees and surcharges which will make your journey more expensive. You may even have some issues, as in some cases there are limits to how much weight you can carry. A good example of this is aircraft, a means of transport where space is at a premium.

And if you choose to travel with too much luggage, you’ll be in a bad mood for most of the trip. You’ll have more setbacks and less time for both leisure and rest. So you’ll enjoy yourself less, which will just make your mood worse. In the end, you’ll get into a vicious circle which will only make you want to cut the holiday short and forget all about it. All this is why we at LOCK & enjoy! recommend that you travel light.

Tips for travelling light and comfortably

Beyond using a locker for XXL suitcases, at LOCK & enjoy! we want you to have more comfort and convenience. A journey where a lot of the experience is irritating will make you frustrated. When you get back home, you’ll be more tired than you were when you left. In fact, you’ll probably just end up feeling like you need another holiday.

Only take the essentials

This is a key point which you should always keep in mind when planning a trip. It’s essential that you establish which items are essential and which aren’t. After drawing the line between these two groups, you’ll end up with a light suitcase. Also, don’t forget to take into account what kind of trip you’re going on. After all, going to a city for work is not the same as going on holiday.

Of all your items, clothing is one which takes centre stage when it comes to travelling. Selecting it can be very difficult, but not impossible. Think about what you’re going to wear and try not to overdo it on the accessories. Anything which makes the cut will add to the weight of your suitcase or to the number of suitcases you’ll be taking.

Only use one suitcase

This is a rule of thumb for a lot of people, and a useful one for quick trips. If you’re only going for a couple of days, you won’t need much more than that. In fact, you could just take a carry-on bag, which fits in any luggage locker. Using it saves you time, makes it easier to move around, and it’s easy to find a safe place to store it in.

However, no matter what size it is, try to pack it well in advance. You want to avoid having to rush around and including clothes or objects you won’t need. With a bit of planning and forethought, you don’t need to be in a hurry.

Make a list of the luggage you’re going to take.

One tip we always keep in mind at LOCK & enjoy! is to write things down. Before you pack your suitcase, write down what you’re going to bring. Doing this will help you to visualise everything you want to bring, at least in principle. When you’ve finished a first draft, take out any items which don’t really make sense. Feel free to narrow it down further if you think it’s appropriate.

The aim is to stick to the essentials and, in the process, to make it easier to comply with the other tips. Besides, you can take several days; the list isn’t going anywhere. The end result is a lightweight luggage, which will make it easier for you to store your suitcases in Madrid or in any other city you visit.

These are the tips which we at LOCK & enjoy! want you to know about. Thanks to them, you’ll travel with minimal luggage, which will save you a lot of hassle. This way, you’ll reduce the time wasted and focus on what really matters: having a great time during your trip and your stay.

Manuel Rodrigues

General Manager & Co-Founder of LOCK & enjoy!, he has over 15 years of experience in leading teams and commercial projects in various multinational companies. With a traveler spirit and proven skills in human management, he is the ideal candidate to drive business development. His creative vision brings an innovative approach to the brand identity of any project.