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The island of Gran Canaria has an incredible archaeological heritage. So, if you like the world of archaeology, at LOCK & enjoy! we want to encourage you to keep reading this post that we have put together for you. We also have lockers in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria for you to store your bags if you go on an excursion. It’s time to discover the amazing archaeological heritage of Gran Canaria

Archaeology in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria has an impressive archaeological heritage, which is owed to the indigenous peoples who inhabited the island before the pre-Hispanic era. On this island you can visit many archaeological sites that are highly relevant because of their richness and age. At LOCK & enjoy! we explain which ones these are so you can start to prepare for your trip.

Painted Cave Museum and Archaeological Park

This is one of the most significant archaeological sites in Gran Canaria. In the town of Gáldar, it is around 30 kilometres from Las Palmas. At this museum you can see the wall painting and the artistic expression of the ancient Canary Islanders. It also has a visitor’s centre where you can find out more about the island’s pre-Hispanic era.

For this visit, you should bear in mind that:

  • The museum is open almost the entire year, except on local holidays and Mondays.
  • General admission costs 6 euros, but there are discounts for students and minors.

Four Doors Cave

The Four Doors archaeological site is in the town of Telde. It consists of a cave that was excavated entirely by hand. Its internal architecture is unusual in that the four large doors open onto a horizontal platform.

The origins and use of this cave have not been confirmed, but some studies indicate that it was used by aboriginal Canary Islanders for practicing magic or for religious activities.

El Maipés Necropolis

At LOCK & enjoy! we recommend you visit this area, as it is one of the most amazing in archaeological terms. You need to get to a fishing village called Agaete in order to see it.

It is an immense necropolis with quite a number of burial mounds. This is a good indicator of the importance that funeral rites held for the island’s aboriginals.

Cañada de los Gatos

This archaeological site is set in the town of Mogán and it is one of the most complete because of the historical, financial and social relevance it held in its time. Proof of this is the fact that it was declared a Site of Cultural Interest.

Located on the coast, the island’s ancient inhabitants didn’t choose this settlement site at random. The good climate, the running water that ran down the ravine and the good soil made this spot a good place to settle more than 1300 years ago.

Today, you can visit the site with a tour that includes the different parts of the village to discover how people used to live there. Enjoy this route with its spectacular views!

Ansite Fortress

The Ansite fortress (Santa Lucía de Tirajana) is, for us, one of the most incredible spots on the entire island. It has enormous historical value because, according to several historical studies, it was here that the Crown of Castile’s last big battle to conquer Gran Canaria was fought.

It is a very steep fortress that houses hundreds of caves that functioned as rooms, barns and mortuary chambers. Bearing in mind that it is a difficult place to visit without knowing the details of the history, we recommend you go to the visitor’s centre and museum.

Museo Canario (The Canary Museum)

And, of course, the Museo Canario is a must-visit if you like archaeology. If you’re in the capital of Gran Canaria, you can go inside. It takes no more than an hour to look through all the rooms and spaces.

It will give you an overview of the different ways in which the Canarii people (the name given to Canary Island indigenous people) organised themselves. During the visit, you will be able to see:

  • Many utensils that they used, as well as some representations of excavated towns.
  • On the second floor you have everything relating to weaving clothing and the process behind artisan ceramics.
  • And finally, don’t forget to visit the last part of the museum, which is the most amazing and is devoted to funeral rites.

At LOCK & enjoy! we invite you to wander around the museum and discover each and every corner!

Discover the amazing archaeological heritage of Gran Canaria

​To conclude, the island of Gran Canaria has an archaeological heritage that is worth seeing and visiting. Why not go and see for yourself? If, during your visit, you’re looking for a LOCK & enjoy! luggage locker, contact us to find the locker near me that suits you best.

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