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Would you like to spend a few days enjoying the beaches of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria? At LOCK & enjoy we specialise in luggage storage and we’ll help you to make your holiday perfect. You won’t even have to worry about keeping an eye on your bags.

Discover the 5 most breathtaking beaches in Las Palmas

As soon as you arrive on the island and leave your belongings at our company’s lockers in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, you’ll be able to start discovering its incredible beaches. Here are some of the most renowned ones.

1. Las Canteras

To make your stay complete, you shouldn’t leave without bathing at Las Canteras, the best beach on the island. Everyone who’s been there knows that it’s a real paradise, with its golden sand and clear-blue waters. Also, for most of its length it doesn’t have a large swell. This means that it’s safe for a family day out. Bear in mind that it also has all the services necessary for bathers’ comfort and convenience.

You should know that this beach is a large marine reserve and that it’s protected by a natural barrier formed by a rocky reef. On low-tide days, its ability to hold back the swell will allow you to walk on the water.

2. Maspalomas

Once you’ve left your luggage in the LOCK & enjoy! luggage locker, it’s worth heading to the beach of Maspalonas. Its dunes and its unique climate are two of its great attractions which are renowned throughout the world. It also offers you countless options for daytime and evening entertainment. You’ll have more than enough reasons to spend the whole day here!

Maspalomas is more than just a beautiful beach where you can sunbathe. During your strolls here, don’t forget to visit the old lighthouse, in what’s now a walking and sightseeing area, ideal for finishing off your time on the beach. Around it, a large boulevard with shops and restaurants, which runs from Meloneras to the lighthouse, has been built. In the centre of Paseo de Meloneras you can admire the Punta Mujeres archaeological site, a coastal settlement with some very old residential buildings.

Nearby you’ll also find the Special Nature Reserve of the Maspalomas Dunes, of exceptional ecological value. It is a unique space for biologists, specialists in this ecosystem and animal lovers in general.

3. Inglés beach

The sun, the exceptional climate and its more than 3 kilometres of golden sand are what tempt all the tourists who come to the Inglés beach. Apart from these attractions, if you have a family, you’ll find areas specially designed for children to play in. But they aren’t its only audience. Young people and sporty types also visit to take advantage of the waves and the fun on offer.

As you get closer to the south of this beach, you’ll find a much quieter area, where fewer tourists come. Here, you’ll find plenty of surfers and areas for nudists.

4. San Agustín beach

San Agustín is a quiet beach, suitable for families to enjoy the summer on the island. It is characterised by its mild climate, which you can enjoy all year round and which makes it a place of pilgrimage for all lovers of the sea, whether in summer or in the middle of winter.

Although it’s an urban beach, San Agustín beach stands out thanks to its calm atmosphere. There’s no raucous entertainment here. Just 600 metres of sand and gentle waves, where children and adults can have a fun and relaxing time. If you’re looking for more thrills, you can go as far as Inglés beach, which it’s directly connected to.

5. Amadores beach

This hidden beach is located in the town of Mogán. It’s a small stretch of sand between two cliffs, surrounded by calm turquoise-blue waters. A real paradise for the senses! It’s the perfect place to watch the boats passing by on the sea and the sun going down.

As well as relaxing by the water, Amadores also offers you the chance to enjoy a wide range of shops and restaurants. When you see this beach, the first thing you’ll probably ask yourself is: is there a locker near me where I can leave my bags and go for a swim? You’ll definitely enjoy being able to experience this area in complete convenience.

Fancy diving and sunbathing on the best beaches of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria? Use the LOCK & enjoy! services to store your luggage with all the convenience, safety and security guarantees you need. All you’ll have to worry about is enjoying the sun and the sea!

Manuel Rodrigues

General Manager & Co-Founder of LOCK & enjoy!, he has over 15 years of experience in leading teams and commercial projects in various multinational companies. With a traveler spirit and proven skills in human management, he is the ideal candidate to drive business development. His creative vision brings an innovative approach to the brand identity of any project.