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June is here, and with it come the celebrations associated with the LGTBIQ+ movement. Although the backstory of all of this is protests and a demand for rights, there is no doubt that it has turned into massive events characterised by an enormous festival atmosphere. LOCK and Enjoy shows where you can celebrate LGTBI+ Pride. Take good note!

LOCK and Enjoy shows where you can celebrate LGTBI+ Pride

Did you know that Spain is one of the most gay-friendly countries in Europe? Proof of which is the exceptional array of parades, celebrations and activities that take place throughout the land. Mind you, there are cities that stand out more than others. Below, we at LOCK & Enjoy! will tell you which ones they are, so you can plan a getaway. Are you up for it?


In addition to being the capital, the city of Madrid boasts the most well-known LGTBIQ+ Pride celebrations both within and outside of our borders. The epicentre of WorldPride Madrid or Madrid Orgullo (MADO) lies in the renowned gay district, Chueca. Although, it is worth highlighting that this festival feeling also rubs off on the city’s main streets.

Between the end of June and start of July, multiple activities take place, such as concerts, performances, competitions and much more. A real week for enjoyment, dancing and having a great time. The highlight, of course, is the state demonstration. Did you know that it is the biggest in Europe? It is the perfect time to unite in favour of diversity, inclusion and freedom.

The atmosphere, fun and nice weather take care of everything else. It’s not surprising that thousands of people attend every year to experience this event.


Another city that we cannot fail to mention at LOCK & Enjoy! is Seville. The Andalusian capital comes together for a huge Pride celebration. It’s worth knowing that this festival is becoming more and more important. So much so that the dates are chosen precisely to avoid overlapping with Madrid.

Events, exhibitions, conferences, concerts and other performances in favour of the movement take over the city. What’s more, this year is the best possible follow-up to the events that Seville hosted in May. It is the seventh edition of El FOC, Festival Cultura con Orgullo or the celebration against LGBTphobia.

In this case, the march for LGTBIQ+ rights will include a total of 18 floats that venture throughout the city. Some of the most important points for the route are the Puerta del Osario gate, Trajano street and the Metropol Parasol (the Setas, i.e. Mushrooms), finishing at the famous Alameda de Hércules.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

If there is a city in Spain that knows how to have fun, it is Las Palmas. With its exceptional climate, its heavenly beaches and its vibrant atmosphere, it has everything to ensure a dreamy holiday. But what’s more, if you travel there before the end of June, you will have another incentive: the Pride celebrations at Maspalomas Pride by Freedom.

The Canary Island delivers a week of celebrations and events to commemorate the fight for the LGBTI community’s rights and visibility. Its programme includes all kinds of options, from workshops for families and young people to recreational and cultural activities. Not to mention the renowned concerts, galas and performances. As for the float parade, it begins at different points of the city, like Tirajana avenue, and finishes at the entrance to the Yumbo commercial centre. In total, 10 days to learn, increase you awareness and, of course, enjoy yourself.


At LOCK & Enjoy!, we conclude this little guide with Valencia. Another key city if you are looking for a holiday marked by LGTBIQ+ Pride. In this city, the celebrations roughly tend to take place around the official date, which is the 28th of June. Naturally, this destination is not far behind in terms of its range of events and activities.

Its demonstration sets out from the Parterre. If you don’t know it, it is a beautiful and historic garden located right in the centre of Valencia. Other highlights include the Festival Orgull València and the Mostra La Ploma, which provide musical and film elements respectively. The first is a music festival that has been bringing top-tier artists together since 2016. As for the second, it consists of a festival dedicated to short films and documentaries associated with the theme.

Have you decided where you want to experience this celebration to the full yet? Any of the options we have given you are ideal for celebrating, advocating and giving visibility to the LGTBIQ+ community. Also, remember that all of the options have a storage service available to you by LOCK & Enjoy! That way, you will be able to make the most of this experience without any worries.

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