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Spanish omelette for everyone! Discover the best restaurants in Seville

Tortilla de patatas

Spanish omelette for everyone! Is there anything more popular in Spain than a Spanish omelette (tortilla de patatas)? Probably not. The reason: it’s delicious and in the centre of Seville they know that. As such – and because World Spanish Omelette Day will take place on 9th March – we want to reveal the places in Seville that make it the best.

Spanish omelette for everyone while visiting Seville

If you’re thinking about doing some sightseeing in the capital of Andalusia, there will certainly be many places that you’d like to visit. So that you don’t faint on the way, what better thing than to make a stop to regain your strength and try one of the most famous Spanish dishes of all time: the Spanish omelette (tortilla de patatas).

Las tortillas de Eva

This restaurant is specialised in both Spanish omelettes and different garnishes so that you can have your meal with your favourite side. It also offers an enormous variety of recipes that you can also take away to eat wherever you want.

Bar Santa Marta

Found in the centre of Seville, this bar’s specialty is this particular dish. The enormous flavour of its omelettes, as well as their juiciness, wins over all who try them. If you prefer to take it away to taste it while visiting some of the most well-known routes around Seville, there won’t be any issue.

Bodeguita Casablanca

This place is very popular as it has a culinary specialty that, if you haven’t already tried, you really must: the tortilla a la whisky. And if it has been freshly made, you’ll find it hard not to have seconds.


This particular establishment in the capital of Andalusia serves a delicious Spanish omelette alongside a very generous portion of salsa alioli (garlic mayonnaise). Even though there are many who believe that it’s so good it doesn’t need a side of any kind, what’s true is that it is a magnificent combination.

Real Venta Pilín

Set in the Tablada neighbourhood, this place offers you the chance to enjoy a good portion of omelette, surrounded by vegetation and in complete peace. However, you don’t have to try it in the setting itself. It’s also possible to buy it to enjoy its incredible flavour during your travels around Seville.

‘El Tete’ Cafe and Grocer’s

This establishment is especially famous in Seville’s Aljarafe region, as it’s one of the places to make the most portions of Spanish omelette every day in this city. The combinations to sample are almost infinite, including omelette with peppers and onion, omelette with chorizo and garlic, omelette with tuna and omelette with vegetables.

Bar José Luis

Freshly made in just a moment. That’s how they serve omelettes in this bar in the centre of Seville. On top of that, everyone likes them – both those who prefer them runny and those who eat them more set, as they prepare them to perfection.


This place stands out for the giant Spanish omelette with peppers and onion that they make and serve along with mayonnaise. If you’re visiting Seville, leave your luggage in our LOCK & enjoy! locker and find this establishment to sample this dish. It will make your mouth water!

‘El Kilómetro 1’ Meals

In this establishment, apart from making all kinds of hot foods, cold foods and even stews, they make delicious Spanish omelettes every day. They are so good that you need to book in advance to make sure you don’t miss out.

Blanco Cerrillo

Even though this place in the centre of Seville is well-known, above all, for its delicious, marinated anchovies, their Spanish omelette is also well worth a try. Ask for a tapa of each and savour them peacefully in the must-visit bar.

A Lembranza

This Galician restaurant serves omelette in the Betanzos style – essentially, with no onion, a little underdone and very juicy. What’s more, it’s so underdone that the egg spills over the plate. What a treat!

A las dos y pico

Omelettes are a specialty in this place, and they have a special feature: they’re square. You can order all kinds of flavours: peppers, garlic and parsley, chorizo, with or without onion, garlic prawns or cured ham, among others. Whatever the choice, your palate will be delighted.

Visit Seville in comfort

Now that you know where to enjoy a delicious Spanish omelette in the centre of Seville and its surroundings, you’ll definitely want to make it as comfortable as possible. To make your experience memorable, at LOCK & enjoy! we offer a locker service to make your travels around Seville perfect. You’ll find us at different points in the city or next to the train stations 24 hours a day. So, you’ll have no problems with keeping your luggage completely safe and enjoying the “special colour” of this destination.

The best plans for Easter 2023

The best plans for Easter 2023

Discover 3 perfect destinations for you for enjoying Easter to the full in this post. The good weather in Seville at Easter, Madrid’s broad cultural provision and Barcelona’s alternative plans are the perfect getaways for these holidays.

Thanks to LOCK & enjoy! you can forget about carrying your belongings around and immerse yourself in some of the most significant cities on the Iberian Peninsula. You’ll know that your luggage is safe in the luggage storage locker that you’ve booked. Let’s get started!

Discover 3 perfect destinations

Route around Seville

If you have never been to the Andalusian capital at Easter, this destination has to be the priority for this holiday. The old town in the city of Seville is one of the largest in Spain, and even Europe.

The Alfalfa and Alameda areas are particularly well-known. Calle Feria links the Setas market to the Macarena area. As well as the processions that take place during holy week in Seville, you just can’t miss the chance to visit its places of interest.

During the daytime, the Triana area sparkles with its own light. You won’t be sorry you sat on a patio to enjoy spinach and chickpeas while you listen to flamenco being sung by a street artist.

Then, a walk along the banks of the Guadalquivir river will let you breathe in the typical atmosphere of a spring afternoon in Seville. If you want to go out for drinks in the evening, you’ll love the Alameda de Hércules area.

To cap it all, at this time of year the weather in Seville at Easter is warm during daylight and cool in the evenings. Allow yourself to be captivated by the smell of the orange blossom in the streets full of orange trees and don’t miss the chance to visit this fabulous city.

Also, to enjoy yourself without needing to worry about your belongings, along your route in Seville you’ll find five LOCK & Enjoy! locations. They are all situated close to the centre and the main bus and train stations. Don’t forget to book your locker at one of our locations and delve deep into an Andalusian Easter.

Culture in Madrid

Madrid is always a good idea for an express visit. It is well linked to the country’s main cities and always has an interesting cultural provision. It doesn’t matter whether you’re more into art, music, cinema or cuisine. In the capital, you can find a different plan perfect for you for every day.

You can spend the morning in the Prado Museum, the Thyssen Museum or the Reina Sofía Museum. You can then go to that fusion food restaurant that you really like on Instagram. In the afternoon, you’re bound to fall in love with the dusk light in the Retiro. And to finish, you can end the night with a musical or a visit to the theatre.

If you prefer a less urban setting, Madrid’s Sierra Norte is just a few miles away. There, you can find picturesque villages that you’ll love. Some of the best known for their natural setting are Buitrago de Lozoya, Patones, Rascafría and Miraflores de la Sierra.

For all these plans, your belongings will be safe at LOCK & enjoy! Book your locker in one of our luggage storage offices next to Atocha station, the airport or in the central Malasaña area.

A getaway in and around Barcelona

It doesn’t matter how often you go to the Ciudad Condal (the City of Counts – a nickname for Barcelona), there will always be something new to see. That is the feeling that everyone who visits the city is left with. That’s why it’s never a bad time to escape to this city. As well as the most renowned tourist sites like Güell Park, the Sagrada Familia and the Gothic quarter, Barcelona is full of secrets.

During the daytime, why not get lost in Horta’s Labyrinth Park. At lunchtime, there’s nothing better than a table with sea views. Afterwards, you can go up to the Carmel Bunkers to enjoy an exceptional view of the city at sunset.

Another plan that won’t disappoint is the night tours around the city’s most mysterious streets. Also, music lovers can enjoy numerous live jazz establishments in the Gràcia area.

If you like hiking, don’t miss the chance to go up Montserrat. Another option, if you want an unforgettable experience, is to book a paragliding flight across these magical mountains.

All this you could do without worries, leaving your belongings in our LOCK & enjoy! lockers. A great investment opportunity.

These recommendations will doubtless have left you inspired and you will already be imagining which one will be your destination at Easter. Remember to book your locker at LOCK & enjoy! so that you don’t need to worry about your baggage. Visiting a city without carrying suitcases around has never been so easy and safe. Discover 3 perfect destinations now!

Seville in two days: The best plans to explore the city

Visiting Seville

The city of Seville, with its melting pot of cultures and the special charm of its locals, has something for everyone. If you plan your visit well, two days should be enough to get the most out of this delightful city. Explore the Ideas to discover the best of Seville in two days. Take a weight off your shoulders and leave your bags at a luggage storage facility.

Ideas to discover the best of Seville in two days

First of all, book your accommodation and tickets for the monuments you want to visit. Don’t waste time on queueing and last-minute organisation. The Santa Cruz neighbourhood is a great option for your stay in Seville. With a wide variety of accommodation and restaurants for all tastes, you will be close to many of the city’s unmissable sites. Make sure to book your luggage locker and leave your worries and bags behind.

Count on LOCK & enjoy! for your storage needs! With various locations in Seville. Whether you’re travelling by train or by bus you’ll be able to take that weight off your shoulders and worry about nothing other than having a great time.

In the centre of Seville: Royal Alcazar of Seville and Cathedral

To start out on a high, spend your first day in the centre of Seville. First stop, the Royal Alcazar palaces. A must-see, make sure to take your time exploring this incredible complex. Construction of the walled precinct began in the 9th century and its style has been influenced by different cultures over the years. You will find yourself in the midst of palaces, gardens, alcoves and a succession of patios in styles ranging from Arab and Gothic to Mudejar and Renaissance.

Continue your tour of Seville by heading for the Cathedral of Santa María. This impressive building is the world’s largest gothic temple. Its majestic proportions will leave you speechless. Stand in awe of its beauty both inside and out and feel humbled by its grandiose scale. Interesting fact: during your visit you’ll be able to see the tomb of Christopher Columbus.

One of the defining features of this cathedral is that it was built on the site of a mosque, with its Patio de los Naranjos  (orange tree patio) and the famous Giralda testifying to its Arab past. The Giralda  is none other than the minaret of the former mosque. Climb to the top of this iconic monument and let your gaze rove over the city from a height of 100 metres. But don’t worry, you won’t have to climb flights and flights of stairs to get there. Just a series of 35 ramps. The once sultan of the city chose this unusual design so that he could reach the top of the minaret astride his horse. During its conversion to a Christian place of worship, the top section was added as a bell tower.

Highlights of central Seville: General Archive of the Indies, Santa Cruz and Triana neighbourhoods

Continue your visit at the Archive of the Indies. This handsome building houses all kinds of documents from an era when Seville was the principal trade hub with America. Maps of the colonies and other curiosities are sure to delight history lovers. It’s only a short stop en route, with free entry.

Continuing our route in the centre of Seville , it’s time to lose yourself in the labyrinthine streets of the Santa Cruz neighbourhood. There’s lots to see, but here it’s not about big monuments. Just open your eyes and follow your feet. Narrow, winding streets and petite patios hidden among whitewashed houses draped in flowers… stimulate your senses while soaking up this neighbourhood’s unique atmosphere.

It’s been a long day. But it’s not over yet. Pick up your bags from luggage storage, take a refreshing shower at your hotel and soak up the essence of Seville in the streets and squares of Triana.

Cross the River Guadalquivir via the Isabel II bridge and you’ll arrive at the neighbourhood of Triana, the heart and soul of Seville. Choose a restaurant for dinner or try a selection of tapas in a local bar. Enjoy a glass of wine or two at a flamenco club or blend in with the locals on the streets of Seville.

Plaza de España and Maria Luis Park

Second and last day in the city. LOCK & enjoy! is a great solution to leave your luggage safe and sound after checking-out of your hotel.

Let’s start at the Plaza de España. Semicircular in shape and bordered by a canal with various bridges, you can enjoy this majestic monument on foot or by boat, if you feel up to rowing. This monumental square is encircled by 48 benches, each decorated with traditional tiles representing Spain’s different provinces… except Seville. At the time of its construction, the Canary Islands were considered a single province.

Next to the square you will find María Luisa Park, one of the city’s many green spaces. Take a stroll among its leafy gardens and refreshing fountains. On your walk you will also come across two stunning buildings in a Neo-Mudejar style, Seville’s Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions.

To top off your tour make your way to the Alameda de Hércules, the city’s trendiest area, and make a farewell toast to the city and its many charms. En route, stop by Las Setas (“the mushrooms”) and have your say about this unusual monument. This controversial wooden and steel structure is completely at odds with the traditional architecture of Seville, yet it’s become in one of the city’s most iconic landmarks.

Finally, all that’s left to do is collect your bags if you decide to leave them in luggage storage and bid farewell to Seville. Until next time!