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C. Héroe de Sostoa 12 L9, 29002. Málaga
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If you are on vacation in Malaga and you have arrived in the city before you can enter your hotel, or there are hours before your train or plane leaves and you need a place to store your luggage, do not miss the LOCK & enjoy! lockers in María Zambrano, which will be the ideal option to leave your luggage comfortably, with total flexibility and safely. 

Aware that many travelers are forced to carry their luggage while traveling around the city, LOCK & enjoy! has opened a luggage locker in Vialia María Zambrano so that you can enjoy your trip to the fullest without worrying about your luggage, where you can store them, with the peace of mind of knowing that they will be constantly monitored, reducing any minimum security risk. 

With an unbeatable location, you can store your luggage in a luggage room at the Maria Zambrano station, in the center of the city, which will provide you with extra comfort whether you travel by train, plane, bus or car, as you will have your luggage just a few minutes away from the main tourist attractions.

Where to store suitcases near Vialia Malaga Shopping Center?

Forget about your luggage and store your bags in a luggage room near Vialia Shopping Center in Malaga, the main shopping center of the city, which boasts a strategic location, ideal if you are traveling and visiting the city center. 

Likewise, the luggage room is very close to the train station in Malaga Maria Zambrano and Malaga bus station, which is an added value for all those who travel by train or bus, as you can store and pick up your luggage upon arrival, or just before starting your trip, without the need to travel. 

You don’t have to worry about schedules, since our luggage room in the AVE Malaga will be open 24 hours a day, and you can access it comfortably and without restrictions at any time, by entering the personal code that you will receive when you make your online reservation, without the need for a key. 

You can book your luggage locker at Malaga station through our website, choosing between different sizes of lockers depending on your luggage needs, and selecting the most appropriate payment method. All lockers are video monitored 24 hours a day, have WiFi and USB charging points, USB-C and plugs so you can charge your cell phone.

What more can you ask for?


How does LOCK & enjoy! work?

The luggage lockers at the bus station in Malaga are opened and closed with a personal and non-transferable code that you will receive at the moment you make your online reservation and will be active during the entire reservation period. 

This way, you will not need a key to open your locker at María Zambrano station, which will be a security plus and will give you peace of mind, since you will not have to worry about losing your keys. 

How big are the lockers?

At LOCK & enjoy! we have lockers of different sizes so you can choose the most appropriate one depending on what you want to store and the size of your luggage, the most common ones are shown below (Check the lockers available at each luggage room). You pay per locker, not per bag.

  • Small Plus (S+) lockers, measuring 30 cm (height) x 40 cm (width) x 85 cm (depth). These lockers can hold approximately 1 cabin suitcase and a backpack.
  • Medium Plus (M+) lockers, measuring 55 cm (height) x 40 cm (width) x 85 cm (depth). These lockers can hold, approximately:
    – Option A: 2 cabin suitcases and two backpacks.
    – Option B: One medium-sized suitcase and one backpack
  • ExtraLarge (XL) lockers, measuring 75 cm (height) x 40 cm (width) x 85 cm (depth). These lockers can hold, approximately:
    – Option A: 1 large suitcase and 1 cabin suitcase and 1 backpack.
    – Option B: 4 cabin suitcases and 1 backpack

What are the opening hours of the left luggage offices in Malaga?

You do not have to worry about the schedule, since your luggage storage in Malaga will be available 24 hours a day, being able to stow or remove your luggage at any time of the day, 365 days a year.

What makes LOCK & enjoy! different from other lockers?

With a privileged location, in the center of the city, the main difference with respect to the rest is that with a luggage locker in Malaga LOCK & enjoy! you do not pay per suitcase, but per locker. Once you have made your reservation, you can store everything you need depending on the space available.

Likewise, as they are intelligent and automated lockers, you will not need a key to open and close your luggage locker in Malaga, but you will simply have to enter a code that you will receive when you make your reservation.